Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Felted digital camera case knitting pattern

When I bought my digital camera, the clerk at the store tried to sell me a case to go along with it. My eyes lit up when he mentioned it-- something new to knit and felt. I loved that I was able to go home and make my own rather than purchase it in the store, and I loved it even more when I spilled a little water in my purse and the felt case protected my camera by soaking it up.

For this pattern, I used Malabrigo Worsted Merino yarn. It is my absolute favorite yarn to felt with-- it's soft when you're knitting, and felts up fast and thick in the washing machine. I realize the colors in the variegated yarn that I used aren't the most beautiful, but I found it on sale for 30% off, so I'm willing to live with it.

This is an easy pattern, knit side-to-side rather than lengthwise, but it does involve picking up fourteen stitches. I used to avoid patterns that require picking up stitches because I didn't know how to do it and thought that it sounded hard. It turns out it's easy-peasy and kind of fun. Here is a tutorial provided by Knitty .

The finished case is approximately 4" wide at the top, 3" wide at the bottom, and 5" long. If you want to experiment, this post includes a picture of the case with vertical stripes.

-Worsted weight wool yarn that can be felted
-Size 11 needles
-Button, thread, and sewing needle
-Tapestry needle for seaming the sides

To make the digital camera case:

1) Cast on 50 stitches.

2) Knit 26 rows in garter stitch and then bind off loosely.

3) Pick up 14 stitches centered along one of the short edges to begin forming the flap.

4) Starting with a knit row, work 13 rows in stockinette, and then bind off. This is the flap.

5) Use a tapestry needle to seam up the sides. The nice thing about felting is that your seams don't have to perfect; the felting hides little imperfections.

6) Felt the case. I felted mine by placing it in a pillow case and washing it in hot water along with a towel for a cycle that lasted approximately 30 minutes. It came out of the washer perfectly felted, but please keep in mind that felting is unscientific and your case may require more or less time to get to the correct size. Check it occasionally during the cycle.

7) After the case has dried, sew the button on the outside of the case under the flap.

8) Use a craft blade to slice the buttonhole in the correct place on the flap.

Use and enjoy!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the pattern. I have never tried felting anything before. It would make a nice cell phone case too. Have a nice week! Twyla

woollywotnots.com said...

Looks lovely. Great choice of wool.

Theresa said...

Oh you are so talented! If I tried this it would not be so pretty:) Love the finished product!

Linda said...

Hi Stacy,

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern, I love the wool you used :)



Rachel said...

Very pretty!

The only thing I've ever felted was a beautiful pink wool sweater... by accident. I put it in the wash at my mother's house and instead of cold water, I got hot; instead of a gentle cycle, the washer kept agitating for about an hour, until I went down to check on it and found it still going.

I miss that pink sweater. It was a favourite! sigh.

Anonymous said...

I love your camera case, it is so pretty! xxx

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Now your camera is stylish. I love it. I wish I knitted and felting because I would make one!

Thimbleanna said...

Very Clever! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Stacy said...

Thanks for your nice comments everyone. It makes me so happy to share my knitting patterns.

Dogwood said...

Stacy~it looks just as nice photographed as it does in real life. Love the colors. Fun reading the pattern. You are one talented lady and girlfriend. You go girl. Hugs...

Unknown said...

What a great idea - thanks

Stacy said...

Hi Dogwood- thanks for your kind words.

Hi Knitting Fool- You're welcome and thanks for stopping by :o)

Rachel said...

Yay! You were featured on One Pretty Thing - again! She really likes you and all your neat projects, doesn't she? Way to go, Stacy!

Jill said...

Loooove it!! You come up with the most wonderful things to make. I actually really like the colors -- muted and understated. And the button is just perfect. Thanks for sharing, Stacy!

Stacy said...

Thanks for noticing my pattern was featured on One Pretty Thing, Rachel! I love that site.

You're welcome, Jill. I'm glad you liked it.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I love the malabrigo worsted yarn! Nice to know that it felts well. I will have to think of something to make. Or perhaps try a camera case. Thanks for sharing great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this pattern and had a thought. After it's felted, why not try Velco to hold the flap closed? :)