Sunday, August 2, 2009

Artist trading cards ~ heart theme

Here are a couple of artist trading cards I sent out for the July swap. Our theme was hearts.

The next four ATCs are the ones I received. It was fun opening the mailbox and finding them, as well as seeing each person's interpretation of the heart theme.

I love this one from Rachel at Not-So-Plain Jane. It's a great quote, and I like that she included stitching on it-- so appropriate, since Rachel sews and quilts.

This next one is from Deb at Garage Sale Gal. Deb is so talented. I love all of the tiny bits and pieces on her card.

This one is from Jill at Mindfully Simple. The combination of colors and patterns is lovely, and I like that she wrote on it in her own handwriting.

This last one is from my BFF Dogwood. Her ATC is perfectly put together with the ribbon, decorative papers and glitter dots. It was like receiving a valentine.

I have all of the ATCs hanging in my art studio in the corner of my bedroom so I can look at them and be inspired when I create. I know I will soon run out of room, so I want to hang some sort of miniature clothes line on the wall to display them on.




Hi Stacy!!
It's so much fun making and trading our ATC cards!!
I'm already finished with the bird nest ones...I'm so into this..
Hope you had a great weekend.
Deb :)

Stacy said...

I'm totally into it, too, Deb! I have three bird nest ATCs completed and hope to work on the fourth tonight. I'm glad you're having so much fun with it.

Jill said...

So cool to see our cards online! I will post the ones I received this week. I haven't started the next set...'yikes' but I have plenty of great ideas!

Stacy said...

Hi Jill! I will keep an eye out for your post. It was fun taking pictures of the cards I received and writing about it.

Theresa said...

You guys are all so crafty! Love the personal touches of all the cards! Just lovely:) Have a blessed day!

woollywotnots said...

Ahh ATCs are just the best ever. What a great collection. They're such fun! :-)

Joshy and belle said...

they are lovely, its nice getting yummy swap presents in the post!!

Stacy said...

Thanks everyone! I love making and trading ATCs. It's fun looking at them on Flickr, too.

Dogwood said...

Thanks for posting our ATC swap cards. Such talent! OHMYGOSH. I also love making ATCs. I will be creating mine for our August swap today. My Rocky cat loves it when I work on the floor. He thinks all the paper and etc is all out for his to nap on! Hugs, Pink Dogwood Blossoms

Stacy said...

Hi Dogwood! Isn't it funny how cats always seem to think that no matter what you're doing, it's for their personal benefit? I have your bird nest card ready and will give it to you this weekend.

Michelle said...

I'm just learning about ATCs now...what a wonderful idea, and these are so beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing them :-)