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Friday, February 17, 2012

This Moment

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from my life. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

The idea for "This Moment" is from the beautiful blogger Tracey at Clover.
Update: Oops, Tracey informs me that this orginates from Amanda at Soule Mama.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Black & White Wednesday :: Apollo

Phew, I got in just under the wire for Black & White Wednesday ... it's 11:45 pm.

Since Charlie was the subject last week, to be fair I am featuring Apollo this week. He is a sweet, well-behaved cat, and awfully skittish. Lately I've been letting him go outside for a few minutes each night, and it was a joy to watch him roll around on the grass for the first time.

On Friday I am off to Grass Valley to visit with Dogwood. See you when I get back!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black & White Wednesday :: Charlie

This week I am participating in Linda's Black & White Wednesday with photos of one of my favorite subjects, Charlie. I have to admit, I cheated a little by doctoring color photographs in Picnik to make them black and white.

I wish I could show you a picture of how Charlie looked when I first found him as a tiny five week old kitten so that you could see the contrast. He was skeletal and had a swollen, infected eye. I doubt he would have lived through another day if someone hadn't rescued him. (If you would like to read the story of how Charlie came in to my life, it is here.)

It is amazing when I look at him now, so big and healthy and gorgeous. I found him during a particularly difficult time in my life, so I like to say that I rescued him and he rescued me right back. He is a chatty, playful, loving, and mischievous companion, and I adore him.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blooper Reel

I take lots of pictures of my kitties, but my camera never seems to be close by when they're doing something especially cute. By the time I fish it out of the bottom of my bag (my camera, not my cats), the moment has passed. And then there are other times when I think I'm about to get the perfect photograph, only to discover I pressed the button two seconds too late.

In this one, Charlie is *helping* me out with a close up. Or maybe he's about to attack the camera.

Apollo keeps one eye on me.

Sometimes Charlie will hide his face to avoid getting his picture taken.

Other times he simply plays dead.

He understands the words "treat" and "go outside," but doesn't get the concept of "hold still." Or maybe he does understand and just doesn't care to cooperate.

And then there are those little pink tongues ...

I'm sorry Charlie, am I boring you?

Oh, I see. Quit laughing at me!

* * *
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quiet weekend

This is turning out to be a quiet weekend. I slept in this morning and then did housekeeping chores. It is cool and overcast today, and tomorrow it's supposed to rain. Nice stay-home-and-cuddle weather.

Charlie turned four years old earlier week. We celebrated with treats and toys. When he got in the laundry basket this morning, I picked it up with him inside and swung it around like he was on a carnival ride. Charlie liked it so much we did it a few more times. He is just the funniest, sweetest cat I've ever met.

I visited the wetlands close to my office on my lunch hour this week. I'm very interested in getting a new digital camera and learning how to photograph wildlife. I love my current camera, but can't seem to get the shots I want (which may be more my fault than the camera's). Since the photos I took at the wetlands came out rather boring, I played around with
Picnik to make them more interesting.

The California poppies are in bloom everywhere. It is our state flower and they are so lovely to photograph.

I watched all five hours of Pride & Prejudice last night and enjoyed it very much. I'm hoping to start a new and interesting knitting project this evening, but I'm not sure what it will be. How are you spending your weekend?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Someone to watch over me

I wonder if Charlie knows an angel watches over him while he sleeps.

I wonder if my yarn knows an angel watches over it while it sleeps.

Sometimes that particular angel falls asleep on the job.

Nevertheless, there's lots of watching over going on around here.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

We might have a suspect

I think I *might* know who has been wreaking havoc around the house.

But I'm still not quite sure.

I didn't get a good look at his face.

He fled the scene before we could get a positive ID.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Odds & Ends

I recently treated myself to a dozen yellow roses and put a few in a vase by my bed. I stopped buying fresh flowers when I got my cats a few years ago because I figured they would knock them over or chew them up. Turns out I was right-- I came home from work to find the vase upside down, water everywhere and the roses on the floor. But the good news is after my kitty got it out of his system, he didn't do it again. So I guess I have no excuse for keeping fresh flowers around :o)

This is my creative space. It's a tiny table in the corner of my bedroom crowded with art supplies and books. I keep saying I'm going to clean it up and reorganize it, but I never get around to it. The funny thing is, the space seems to work for me-- I've made lots and lots of art there. I find that funny because at my day job as a technical writer, I can't work in a messy space so I keep my desk spotless. But when I do my technical writing work at home, I'm more productive in my messy little space than anywhere else in my home.

This is my latest ATC for a California-themed swap. I used my water color paints for the first time (thanks
Katharine !) to make the background and enjoyed it so much. I was nervous about using them because I didn't think I knew how, but now that I've taken the first step I can't wait to play with those paints some more.

This is one of my favorite places to walk near my home. It's a paved trail that runs parallel to the Guadalupe River. I usually see lots of birds, like Belted Kingfishers, egrets, herons, and hummingbirds. For some reason this particular walk really gets my creative juices going, and I often get new ideas for creative projects when I walk here.

The trail goes to Almaden Lake. Isn't it gorgeous? It might look like I live in the country, but I actually live in a bustling suburban valley surrounded by mountains and open space.

I finished knitting my
Purl Bee dishcloth. It turned out okay ... not quite what I expected. I'm not sure I'll knit another one.

Looks more interesting on the wrong side.

While taking an evening stroll recently, I encountered a mama raccoon and two babies. Of course, I had to run home and grab my camera, even though it was night time and there was no chance of getting a decent picture of the little family. All I got was a shining pair of eyes. I've lived in my neighborhood for fourteen years, and this was only the fourth time I've seen raccoons. It excites me to see wildlife in my neighborhood.

Do you have any special weekend plans? I have lots of housekeeping to do and hope to squeeze in a pedicure, too. NetFlix was kind enough to send me two movies that I think will be really good-- The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and My Life in Ruins with Nia Vardalos (remember her from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?). Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday my little black cat hopped up on my lap and looked up at me with his sweet hopeful face, and for the life of me I could not recall his name! Isn't that awful? It came to me after a moment or two ... APOLLO! I didn't name him, so maybe that's why I couldn't remember it.

A while back I told the story of how Charlie came to live with me, so now I'll share Apollo's story. A few years ago, my neighbor stopped by to ask if I wanted a kitten. She said that one of her co-workers discovered him in her kitchen, in the oven vent! He had somehow gotten up on the roof of the house and fell down the vent. I agreed to take him, and a few days later a tiny five week old kitten was delivered to my door.

Apollo and Charlie were best buddies right off the bat. Apollo still needed mothering, and even though Charlie was only one year old, he took care of him like a parent, cleaning, playing, and napping with him.

This is my favorite picture of the two of them when Apollo was a kitten. He looks like a tiny monster. I wonder if in his head he was saying, "Grrrrrr ..."

The person who found him named him Apollo, but I tried to change it. I called him Tink for a while, but he never responded to it. He seems to know that he is Apollo, so I went back to that. Of course, he does have lots of nicknames, like Polly, Tinkles, and Boo Bear.

Oh, maybe that's why I can't remember his name. :o)

Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Collage & vintage treasures

This is my latest attempt at a collage. I tried a new technique, crumpling tissue paper on canvas and then dabbing it with paint and gesso before adding the collage pieces. It's now out on the patio in my little art gallery.

I keep waiting for someone to steal my art, because then I will know I've made it! No luck so far, but I did see a squirrel eyeing one of the pieces recently.

I mentioned in my last post that Dogwood and I went to an antique shop after our boat tour last weekend. One of the items I picked up was this birding guide from the 1920's. Wikipedia says it's one of the first bird guides ever published.

One of the reason I bought it is these beautiful color illustrations.

I'm thinking I could use it to create a new banner with "golden" birds.

The book has lovely black and white illustrations, too, as well as lively descriptions of the birds that are almost poetic. So different than the bird guides available today, which tend to be more technical.

Another item I bought is this vintage postcard. The colors and image are so serene.

I'm feeling very happy this week. Things are busy at work, which I like, and it's been fun coming home every evening to the new television season. Have you seen the new show, The Forgotten? I don't normally go out of my way to watch crime dramas, but this one is really good. It's on Tuesdays at ten after Dancing With the Stars. I'm also enjoying Glee on Wednesday nights.

One of the best things about autumn is the cats get more active and more snuggly with the cooler weather. They chase each other around the apartment and roll around on the floor, locked in kitty wrestling moves. When I wake up in the morning, Charlie is curled up by my pillow and Apollo is in a ball at my feet. I just love it.

Hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn is here (finally!)

I woke up yesterday morning to the strangest sound outside the window. It was like drops of water were falling out of the sky and landing on the ground with a soft patter. I jumped out of bed to look, and sure enough, rain! Plus, it was chilly ... so chilly I actually put on a pair of socks for the first time in months, and used my bedroom heater for the first time since I moved in to my new place. Hurray!

Isn't this acorn cool? I saw it on the ground recently and had to stop and examine it because it looks so unusual. Hard to believe the pattern on it is just dust.

Nature is amazing. I have no idea what made that design, although it looks a bit like the outline of a winged creature.

I was under the weather on Sunday, so I only participated in the yarn shop hop on Friday evening with a friend. We went to three shops and then out for Thai food. I bought this one little skein of Malabrigo on sale. It's isn't the most beautiful color (okay, it's kind of plain and ugly), but they didn't have much of a selection and the price was too good to pass up. It matches some of the other Malabrigo in my stash, so I bought it to make a striped felted bag.

My little sister got me hooked on yet another vampire series. The House of Night books are definitely written for teenagers, yet I couldn't put the first one down. I'm halfway through the second one, and I also started watching a new show, The Vampire Diaries, on Thursday nights. I don't know why I'm so into the whole vampire thing now ... I never read any of Anne Rice's books when they were popular or watched Buffy when it was on.

I really do read grown-up books, too. This memoir about birdwatching is pretty good ... but it could use a vampire or two .

I've been knitting quite a bit, but I can't show you what I'm making because it's part of the It's All About Me swap. This picture is a little hint. Or maybe it's a big hint :o)

Here's another hint. Actually, it's just an excuse to include a picture of my sweet boy.

Isn't he handsome?

This black kitten is a keeper, too. My boys love their tissue paper and cardboard boxes.

Happy autumn to you.