Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quiet weekend

This is turning out to be a quiet weekend. I slept in this morning and then did housekeeping chores. It is cool and overcast today, and tomorrow it's supposed to rain. Nice stay-home-and-cuddle weather.

Charlie turned four years old earlier week. We celebrated with treats and toys. When he got in the laundry basket this morning, I picked it up with him inside and swung it around like he was on a carnival ride. Charlie liked it so much we did it a few more times. He is just the funniest, sweetest cat I've ever met.

I visited the wetlands close to my office on my lunch hour this week. I'm very interested in getting a new digital camera and learning how to photograph wildlife. I love my current camera, but can't seem to get the shots I want (which may be more my fault than the camera's). Since the photos I took at the wetlands came out rather boring, I played around with
Picnik to make them more interesting.

The California poppies are in bloom everywhere. It is our state flower and they are so lovely to photograph.

I watched all five hours of Pride & Prejudice last night and enjoyed it very much. I'm hoping to start a new and interesting knitting project this evening, but I'm not sure what it will be. How are you spending your weekend?


Kitty said...

OH my! If I swung Harold around in a laundry basket he would probably implode- he's such a little scardy cat he can barely tolerate being picked up!

Also, I love the photos!

Also, five hours of Pride and Prejudice sounds like a great time!

Suz said...

Your just having a good old time aren't you
Love that sweet puss
Mine like the clothes basket too..swinging Im not too sure about
I think you should get a new camera..your photos are really very nice
you have a good eye
enjoy your Sunday

Linda said...

Dear Stacy,
I love seeing photos of your cat, what beautiful eyes he has! Your wildlife and nature photos are so lovely:)
Have a wonderful Sunday:)

Theresa said...

Well Happy Birthday you handsome Charlie! What a sweet cat and I bet he really enjoyed his carnival ride:) Beautiful pictures, and creative changes in Picnik. I really need to know how to do different things with my camera but tend to just point and shoot. Have a blessed day my friend, Hugs from Georgia!

ImplausibleYarn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, I'm so envious of your having a cat. I agree about the letters in line I sometimes want to say:
Dear Person in front of me,
There is no award for paying in change, even for correct change.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday sweet Charlie! What a cutie.

Fun photos. I love the colours. I'm not that great with a camera - like you, I don't blame the camera. I know it's all me.

Can't wait to see your new knitting project. I'm trying to get my Paris quilt finished. Not doing so great so far...

Dogwood said...

Nice to have a quiet at home weekend. Those are the best especially when it is raining.

Love what you did with those pictures.

I just finished making a paper journal. No class. It is really fun. I will be posting it soon. I can help you make one.

Charlie is a funny cat.

Hugs, Dogwood

Erin Wallace said...

Happy weekend - happy you are having a good one! I can't imagine swinging my cats around in a laundry basket - I think they'd cut me to bits!

Stop by my blog - I have something for you!

Maiden Jane said...

Neat photograph effects!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photographs!!! especially the charming and handsome cat charlie =^.^= happy birthday charlie!!! :o) (sorry my good wishes are a little belated)
you have given me a wonderful idea for next weekend.... five hours of pride and prejudice sounds divine! now i wonder what snacks to prepare for a jane austen afternoon/night...

have a lovely week xxx


p.s thank you so much for your very kind comments, it's always lovely to hear from you and i always very much enjoy visiting your blog xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Beeeeautiful pictures Ms. Golden Bird. Happy Birthday to your cute kitty - he looks just sweet as can be!