Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

It's been a quiet weekend, and it went by too fast, as usual. I stayed up until four a.m. working on a craft project, so today was a slow and sleepy day. Charlie and Apollo stayed up and kept me company, leaving them pretty tired today, too.

Dogwood tagged me to tell you six things about myself ...

1) I adore the Stampington & Company magazines. They just came out with a new one called GreenCraft Magazine , and it is awesome. Here is a peek at what's inside.

These are garlands made with materials such as coffee filters, tissue paper, fabric scraps, etc.

These decorative packages are made with materials that would normally get recycled, like newspaper, magazine pages, junk mail, and more.

2) I love to shop. And I hate to admit that. I don't go to malls, and I don't spend a ton of money, but on the weekends I tend to consume more than I would like to. Yesterday I bought a tote bag at Ross and a pencil pouch at Barnes & Noble. No regrets.

3) I adore scented soaps, and lavender is my favorite. Rose comes in second.

4) I recently discovered that I love the old television show Bonanza. And I have a little crush on Adam Cartwright.

5) My all-time favorite comfort food is a bagel with cream cheese, onions, and lox. I should have taken a picture of the one I had for breakfast this morning, but I didn't think of it until now.

6) This is one of my first works of art, done in Crayola back in my pre-kindergarten days. I just found it in a box with my baby book. I think it's supposed to be a house :o)

Sleepy Stacy


Rachel said...

Dogwood tagged me too. I really have to think of six facts to share.

I love the idea of using newspaper etc. for wrapping gifts. I think I could stamp thenewspaper and it would look really cute.

Adam was my favourite Cartwright brother, too. He's so good looking and a 'real man' haha. Little Joe was cute, but too much of a charmer for my taste. My husband and I love Bonanza! It's sad that our satellite network doesn't carry it anymore.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

That new magazine looks brilliant - I am enjoying doing recycled crafts lately - it is very satisfying to repurpose materials. I used to love Bonanza when I was a kid and bagels are a favourite in our place too - except we toast them and add jam!

Theresa said...

I love magazines and have so many that I need to recycle! I also love to shop:) Have a blessed day!

Linda said...

Hi Stacy,

Your cats are adorable :) We also have 2 special cats that live here with us and they are such a large part of our family. It was lovely reading '6 things about you', your Green Creft Magazine looks fantastic.

Have a great week,



Jill said...

Hi Stacy - I want to curl up with your cats!! amazing how they can just snooze wherever they please. I have to check out that magazine - it looks fantastic! Hope this week goes well for you!

Dogwood said...

You were very creative showing your six facts about yourself with photos. I know you love your little pink camera! Love your sleeping kitties. Have a good day at work. said...

4am!!! LOL! Lovely that it was on a Saturday so you could enjoy a lazy Sunday. You are a tease though Stacy, you haven't said what you were working on exactly, nor shared a picture!! I'm totally intrigued! :-) Loved reading about your super six..

Stacy said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! I wasn't online today and wasn't able to reply individually like I usually do.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I have a feeling I would like Bonanza too!

Stacy said...

Hi Renee. I've been avoiding Bonanza my whole life-- I've never liked Westerns. But for some reason I watched an episode a while back and was suprised to find I enjoyed it. I think it has to do with me getting older and my tastes changing. Yesterday they has an episode in which Mark Twain came to town to write for the local newspaper and it was so good.

Thanks for stopping by.

Debra said...

hmmm...i am in the process of wrapping a few little b/day gifts...thanks for that and dont those little parcels look a treat. I too, adore the Stampington mags. I have bought a couple when visiting my dd who lives in Texas. Those flower garlands look just so divine and would go well with lots of creations. Thanks for your wishes with my family saga, i too hope it can be resolved but have not heard anything yet. I expect she is thinking it through..i hope so at least. Have a lovely day :)

Stacy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Debra. I'm glad you liked the photos from the GreenCraft magazine. Can you get Stampington & Company magazines in Australia? I want to make the garlands, too, and hang them in a corner of my apartment.

Wishing you the best with your family situation. Sending warm and healing thoughts your way.

noelle said...

hi Stacey, thanks for your comments over at mine. I don't mind you showing my houses on your blog, i'm glad you like them.I have another one i was going to post tomorrow, i think you'll like that too ! I love your cats, they are great company when you are sitting sewing aren't they, mine are just the same. x x noelle

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- don't we all have a crush on Adam Cartwright? Oh wait, maybe that was Little Joe. Ok, either one will do LOL!

Stacy said...

Thanks Noelle, I will be posting about your cute little houses soon!

Thanks for dropping by Thimbleanna! I agree both Little Joe and Adam are cuties :o)

Regina said...

Green craft looks like such a great mag. I definitely have to go find it!

Michelle said...

I love your list Stacy! I'm back on-line catching up with all my favorite blogs tonight, and just realized I've been tagged too...what fun:-)

Thanks for sharing that magazine, I'm definitely going to check it out!!

Oh, and bagels (specifically "everything" bagels), cream cheese, red onion, and lox are tops for me too :-)