Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday treasures

My birthday is on Sunday, so I took today and Monday off of work to give myself a long weekend. I've been itching to go to antique stores for the last month or so, but made myself wait so I could do it as a birthday treat. Today I went to a little town on the coast, and planned to go to several different stores, but ended up spending all my time in a huge place called Attila Antiques.

One of the items I bought was a Hallmark book from the 1970's with quotes from Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet. I was drawn to the book because I frequently use words and phrases in my collages from an old copy of The Prophet. But when I opened the Hallmark book, it wasn't the words that got me excited, but these incredible illustrations by Fred Klemushin. I love the colors.

I want to use the illustrations in collages if I can bear to cut up the book. (Usually it's not a problem, but this one is so gorgeous it might be difficult.)

Another find was this savings passbook from a San Francisco bank. I love old deposit slips. This passbook is fully intact and has deposits noted from the 1920's through 1940's. Again I planned to cut it up and use it in collages, but it's in such fantastic condition I'm not sure I can. Aarrgh.

Also found more of the postcards that I like from the early 1900's with stamps, handwriting and postmarks.

Perhaps the best find was this book published in 1901. It has sample letters for every situation imaginable. For example, a father's letter to an erring son.

One of my favorites, introducing a hero of the Spanish-American War to the Secretary of War. Because you know that situation comes up all the time.

There are over fifty letters, like introducing an actress to a theatrical manager, on the loss of a fortune, a declaration of love, and the lady's reply.

One letter is from a man in love with "two charming girls" who is afraid to propose for fear he'll choose the wrong one, so he writes to a male friend asking for advice. The reply is awesome.

My dear John:

Of all the uncertain idiots in this world I think you are the worst. Any man who can't make up his mind as whether he loves one woman more than another is either a candidate for an insane asylum or for an old women's home-- I don't know which.

They didn't mince words in their letters back in 1901.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm going antiquing again tomorrow, this time to a new town and with my family. It was sweltering hot today, but hopefully it will cool down a bit tomorrow.



Grace said...

Those letters are hilarious. What a find - you could amuse yourself for hours reading those.

Happy Birthday (you share it with my almost 4 yr old). Have a great long weekend.

Unknown said...

that letter book is hilarious lol hope you have a good birthday


I know I'm early...just didn't want to miss your day.
I see you showed off our bird nest ATC...I'll do that next week. I just rec'd one from Jill...
Love the bird cards you bought.
Deb :)

Tammy said...

Oh that is a great book! LOL What wonderful treasures you have found. I see your attraction to the beautiful illustrations in the other book too. I hope you have a lovely Birthday tomorrow.

Woollywotnots said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stacy!!! Enjoy your lovely long birthday weekend. Thanks for sharing your finds. They're just my style. I love the books and the quotes and letters you've picked out. The first illustration is my favourite of the pink bird. If you can't bring yourself to cut them out, you could always try copying them and painting them yourself.

Theresa said...

Great finds and love the pictures in the book! Have a wonderful day today and hope you find some good stuff!!!!!

Dogwood said...

Love all your wonderful "finds." I am so glad that you are treating yourself this weekend. You deserve have been a very busy lady lately. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. I am singing Happy Birthday long with Deb. Hugs, Dogwood

Twyla and Lindsey said...

First of all I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I love your postcards. Aren't they great?! That book is so funny. It was a different time. I love these little glimpses into the past. Have a beautiful weekend! Twyla

Stacy said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I love reading your comments :o)

Rachel said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day... and long weekend! How nice to treat yourself with a trip to an antique store. I love what you discovered there - the postcards, the books, the bank book. Those letters are just wonderful - I think people really knew how to communicate in the days before email and facebook!

Have a lovely time tomorrow - and eat cake!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Best wishes for your birthday - love that you have made it into a long weekend to celebrate!! Your latest antique finds are amazing - I love old letters and books too. The old savings book is fabulous.

Stacy said...

Thanks Rachel! I really enjoyed my time in the antique store, and it felt great to treat myself.

Lisa, thank you for the birthday wishes. I really like that savings passbook, too. Hopefully I can figure out something cool to do with it.

Unknown said...

Oh how I love that book. You've no idea how often I've wondered how to introduce one of my many friends who were in the Spanish American War (and heroes of course) to the Secretary of War.

Happy Birthday

Pat said...

Happy Birthday! (Rachel spilled the beans on her blog!!!)

Stacy said...

Hi Tom- Your commment cracked me up. Love your dry sense of humor. Thanks!

Hi Pat- Thanks for stopping by! That Rachel Jane is the best.

Sara said...

Rachel told me it was your birthday...hope you have a wonderful day!!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope it was a good one. Enjoy the extra day in your weekend!!

Jill said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Stacy!! Your finds are terrific - can't wait to see what you do end up doing with them!