Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mine, mine, mine!

Sumea over at Skipping in the Meadow received five awards! Oh, I wasn't jealous at all when I read that. Not one bit. She offered the awards to all of her readers and said we could take the one we like best. Guess what? I like them all.

So I TOOK them all. Mine, mine, mine!!!!

And I'm not giving them back. I EARNED them.

(Okay, okay, I didn't really earn them-- I stole them. I'll give them back. Sheesh. But I'm keeping that cute little one with the heart.)


Anonymous said...

Yes, keep them all!
Seeing as it's me I can officially award them all to you. They look so good on your blog :o) and you definitely deserve them for having such a wonderful blog. I really enjoy coming here, something I like to treat myself to each day.
I am getting around in fits and starts today as my computer has internetitis, so maybe no posts for a couple of days :o( am trying to get it sorted as soon as poss.
bfn, it's quite late here I should be tucked up in bed, Nitey nite

Anonymous said...

LOL, Love it! Well done you. xxxxx