Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guest Blogger

Hi, I'm Charlie. My mom left for work this morning without her laptop. I’ve been wanting to see what all this blogging stuff is about. Looks pretty interesting, but she doesn’t write about me nearly enough. Let me tell you about myself.

My full name is Charles Kitten, but I'm also known as Prince Charles and Char-Char. I’m three years old. My mom often says she rescued me, but we both know it was the other way around.

I rescued my adopted brother Apollo, too. He’s a nice enough guy, but kinda needy.

I stay busy while my mom's at work. First, I take a quick bath ...

And then play with my toys … or whatever happens to be laying around on the floor.

After that I'm ready for a nap on the window sill.

In the afternoon I do my gardening. My orchids are looking good this year.

My mom bought me this bed. I think it’s funny to sleep on the floor next to it. You should see how mad she gets.

I don’t know why my mom bought me that bed when I have a perfectly good one with sheets and pillows and a duvet.

I enjoy an occasional game of hide-and-seek, too. I’m pretty good at it. Can you see me?

I'd like to tell you more, but it's almost time for my nap and I’m getting sleepy. We'll talk again soon.



Anonymous said...

Charlie-you are way too cute. I think you should write a book because you are very creative. I love being your GodMother. Dogwood

Anonymous said...

Lol, your post brought a huge smile to my face, how lovely! Charlie is sooo cute, love him! xxxx

themagiconions said...

Charlie, you make me giggle. You are too gorgeous... wonderful post that brought happiness to me... thanks!

Teresa said...

Hey Charlie, we came across your blog this morning while Mom is away at the studio.... You lead a fine life, if you are ever up in Truckee, come by for a visit! Meow 'ya later, Oscar, Delly and Raku

Rachel said...

Ahhh... a day in the life of Charlie. What I wouldn't do to be a well-loved cat for a day or two and nap in the sun.

This was a really cute post, Stacy. Thanks for the smiles.

Lisa said...

Charlie, you now have a little girl fan club! ;)
My girls love you!

Lisa :)

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

What beautiful cats! They are gorgeous!

I'm so happy to hear that you are pleased with your new print :D that has made my day!

Em x

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie & Apollo! This is your "Godmother", Vicki. I miss you guys & your mom. I will come by soon to visit you and rub your tummy! I love your gorgeous pictures! Love you too!