Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A glimpse of my real life ...

I know I'm not the first blogger to wonder if the picture I paint of my life is a bit too rosy. I try to avoid writing about those tough days when I feel inadequate, my fears about the economy and unemployment, and my political leanings (I heart Obama big-time and I'm something of a political junkie). It isn't that I want to falsely portray myself as a perpetually happy, positive person, I just don't want to focus on negative or controversial things on my blog because I want it to be an uplifting, cheery place for both me and you.

That said, here is a glimpse of my real, non-bloggy life in order to balance the happy-happy with a little reality. The following is an account of last Saturday morning.

It's five am. I wake to the sound of Charlie, the tabby, puking in the living room. My head hurts badly for no particular reason.

"Please don't let him throw up on my new rug," I mumble as I drag myself out of bed. Fortunately, he missed it by several inches. I grab the can of spray cleaner and a roll of paper towels and start cleaning up, acutely aware that my head really, really hurts.

As I'm sopping up the cat vomit, I hear loud pounding noises. I stop cleaning for a moment, confused whether the pounding is coming from my head or from the apartment above me. Pound, pound, pound. Oh, it's coming from upstairs, alright. The boy who lives up there, a college football player who is massive in size, is having a sleepover. With his girlfriend. Poundpoundpound. Great.

I finish cleaning up the mess, toss the paper towels and head back to bed. Just as I pull the covers up to my chin, Apollo, my black cat, leaps on top of me, plops down on my chest and begins licking and sucking on one of my hands. He has been doing this off and on since he was a kitten, undoubtedly because he was separated from his mother too young and it gives him comfort.

My head hurts. Apollo is sucking on my hand like he hasn't had any nourishment in days. Poundpoundpound goes the college boy. "This is a lovely way to start the day," I tell myself.

Suddenly, Apollo lets go of my hand and looks up at the ceiling where all of the pounding is coming from. Then he looks at me. And I swear I hear an audible sigh.

My head still hurts, but I'm laughing now.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LOL! Great ending!

Anonymous said...

You are such a fabulous writing! When is your "best seller" being published? Really, I am not kidding. Your BFF. **Dogwood**

Anonymous said...

Clever Apollo =^.^=
I think it's ok to be real sometimes, it gives our blogs a bit of balance.
Hope your head is better soon x
Your photographs are lovely
Such handsome cats and that beautiful, beutiful pink rose!
The lake is wonderful too, do you live near it?
Hope the rest of your day is good


The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Hi! Glad u like Eckhart too!
I know exactly what you mean about wanting your blog to be an uplifting, cheery place but what a great post- we all have horrible days like that don't we- in fact I woke up recently to find my rabbit had done something where she shouldn't have done!

Rachel said...

Hilarious glimpse of the "real life". I personally think the not so great stuff is just as entertaining as the happy, lala stuff. I include both; you may have noticed that I'm a bit cynical and sarcastic. I couldn't hide that behind some Pollyanna facade. The real "you" will always slip out! Keep it up ~ I like who I'm meeting on your blog!

xo to Charlie and Appollo ~ they seem pretty real, too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Stacy
Hope you are feeling better
Hugs to you xx
I have posted a couple of pics of my own sweet moggie Marley today =^.^=