Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Chitchat

The rain is gone and now there is a heatwave in the weekend forecast. Boo! I hope this is the last warm weekend of the year. I want to feel that crispness in the air and break out my long-sleeve sweaters.

Have you heard about the "It's All About Me" swap sponsored by Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns ? It has quite a twist-- you make something special for yourself rather than for someone else. I think it's a wonderful way to finally get that project done you've been putting off, especially if your craft projects tend to be gifts for others. I hope you will consider joining in! I'm still trying to decide what to make for myself-- the deadline is a month away, so there is time.

This book, Artist Trading Card Workshop, arrived in the mail yesterday from Amazon, and it has me excited about making more ATC's. I'm eager to learn some new art techniques.

The book has techniques for using phone book paper, fun foam, fabric, fused fiber, and more. I wish it included a few more details in the instructions, but there's enough info to get started and it's fun looking at all of the examples.

I picked up this book, Lace & Eyelets, at Recycle Bookstore last weekend. When I started knitting, lace was all the rage. Now I think socks are the in thing, but I still love lace.

These are some of the patterns in the book. I'm always looking for lace patterns that aren't too complicated for scarves.

Well, that's all the chitchat I have for today. Hope you're having a great week.


Fiona said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's always nice to get to know a new blog. I like the sound of the 'All about me' swap. Only thing would be motivating myself to get it done if it was for me. I find it easier to complete something if it is for someone else or to sell in my shop. A lovely idea though.

Theresa said...

Wow, you better get busy girl. Lots of stuff to make! I love the cards and the designs on the knit patterns are pretty enough to frame:) Have a blessed day and perhaps the cool air will come blowing in soon!

Woollywotnots said...

Wow you're going to be busy! Great books. Thanks for sharing. Love the idea of the reverse psychology for the swap. : ) Now what to treat yourself too...

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Busy busy!

It's cool enough for a sweater here. Only in the 40s this morning. Summer is long gone for us and Fall is here. Leaves are falling from the trees too. It's going to be a long winter.

Dogwood said...

I like the Wednesday chitchat with you! I am very excited about joining in on the "It's All About Me" event. I am still tossing around ideas in my head and will try to make a decision this weekend. Love the books. The book on ATC's looks fabulous. I too want fall to arrive in full-force. Oug~a hot weekend.

Hugs, Dogwood

Debra said...

I WANT that lace and eyelet book...LOL...oh i could easily stay with door locked for that one....can i come might need to check my bag as i leave...:)

Michelle said...

I like the idea of that swap-- I've been thinking that it may be time to knit myself something(it would be a first!) now that fall is fast approaching!

That new book looks great--I love experimenting with new lace patterns :-)

Hope the weather gets better for you soon!!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahahaha -- It's All About Me. What a great idea for a swap. I love that last lace pattern -- VERY pretty!

Hannah said...

hmm that swap looks very interesting, might have to check it out :)

looking forward to seeing what you create from your books xx

Rachel said...

Hi Stacy. I've been out of the blogosphere for a few days and, therefore, missed this lovely post. I'm so excited about your new books and projects. I might have to get me that ATC book - I need some inspiration too!

The All About Me swap is a neat idea. I've made enough for myself lately (2 dresses and a skirt in the summer) and it's time to get some Christmas gifts on the go. But I can't wait to hear what you decide to make for you!