Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Several months ago I started watching old reruns of Bonanza on television and got completely hooked. It came on when I got home from work, so I'd sit down and watch it before cooking dinner.

Last week when I turned on Bonanza, all I got was static. My cable company dropped that channel. I miss it so much! One of the things I liked about it was the scenery-- those oak and sage-covered hills look like the ones near my home that I love so much. Last weekend while I was out walking with my camera, I discovered if I messed with the settings those hills could look washed out and faded (in a good way) like they do in Bonanza.

Oh how I miss my Little Joe, Adam and Hoss, not to mention kindly old Ben Cartwright. I got a DVD of episodes from Netflix, but for some reason it wasn't the same. I like the routine of coming home and watching my friends in the old west defend their land, their women, and their cattle.

I could upgrade my cable package to get Bonanza back, but it seems wrong to reward them for taking away channels. It took me a long time to even subscribe to basic cable-- I really don't want to start spending even more on it.

So for now I'll just enjoy my hills in Bonanza-vision; the
tall trees and long shadows, the crunch of dirt beneath my feet, the acorns on the ground. I'll listen to the drilling of the woodpeckers and the cry of the red-tailed hawk and feel nostalgic for a time when this entire valley was filled with gnarled oaks and an abundance of wildlife, a time I never knew but can sense in those hills.

And maybe I'll give those Bonanza DVD's another look.



Tammy said...

Hi Stacy,

Oh I'm feeling sad for you, but think what you are saying about not rewarding is right too.
The hills look lovely : )

Theresa said...

Hi Stacy, I love all the pictures and I am also a fan of Bonanza. Haven't watched it in a while!

I am finishing your gift and will get it in the mail to you today or tomorrow:) Have a blessed day!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Bonanza. I'm more of a Little House on the Prairie girl. Bonanza... not so much. My husband though, he'll watch it.

Linda said...

Hello Stacy,

Oh wow, I used to watch Bonanza when I was little and I used to love it, how wonderful to have reruns and how sad that your cable company decided to drop them(:

Lovely photos...



Dogwood said...

You are always amazing me with all your varied interests! But, I never would have guessed Bonanza. Have you ever been to the Bonanza museum in No CA? Love your photos and the way you have changed the color tone.

Have a nice day.

Jill said...

I love your pictures - makes me think of back home in Sacramento!

Rachel said...

I was so sad when they took Bonanza off the Lonestar channel in our satellite package. Now the channel doesn't even exist at all. So, no more Bonanza for us either. :( We used to watch it on Sundays. Goodbye Adam, Goodbye Hoss, Goodbye Little Joe...

On the bright side, your pictures look great. Very Bonanza-ish.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh Stacy, you are so funny. You made me remember visiting the "Ponderosa Ranch" somewhere near Lake Tahoe when I was little. So I just looked it up and found that it was closed down a few years ago. Now that is really sad... you could have gone to see it!

Woollywotnots said...

Aww poor you.. your photos are great inspiration for some watercolours, methinks ;-)

The Magic Onions said...

I love how your photo's turned out! Seeing them I do remember the scenery of Bonanza... how funny!
They also look like the savannah of Africa... I almost expect to see a golden lion lying in the long grass.
Thanks for sharing on Friday's Nature Table.
Blessings and magic.