Monday, May 31, 2010

Travel photos

I took many, many photos at the mission in San Juan Bautista last week but was hesitant to add too many to my last post for fear of boring everyone. This morning I decided I want to preserve more of those photos on my blog because I am so pleased with how they turned out and because the mission has such a special place in my heart.

Cactus blossom

Mary in the garden

An abundance of pink roses

Glowing rose

In the garden

One of the wandering chickens

Chicken feet

Peep and shadows

Bell tower

In the church


Unknown said...

Nice photos, love Mary with the beads. You're getting really good with your camera. (Must be genetic, SJB is my happy place too. :)

Kitty said...

The flowers are beautiful! The chickens are quite attractive, as well!

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

Wonderful photos!! I'm so glad you decided to preserve them here for all of us to see.

Theresa said...

Oh honey, you could never bore me with these gorgeous photos and isn't that what it is all about... Me and You:) I love them all and enjoy each and every one! You are a wonderful photographer and all I can say is "keep 'em coming"! HUGS!

Unknown said...

No wonder you needed to post these photos they are really stunning !

Maiden Jane said...

The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Suz said...

wow you are really getting to be a photographer
enjoyed them ..what a beautiful place..loved the adorned Mary

Thimbleanna said...

Your beautiful photos would never be boring! I often feel the same way about my blog, but I think we should use our blogs as we want to -- and in my case, it's often for a record of the things that are going on in my life at the time! Your trip north looks awesome -- I'm like you -- I have vacation fever.

M.E. Greene said...

What an absolutely lovely visit! Those photos are beautiful.

VS said...

Your Mission pictures are awesome friend!!! You could never bore us with such yummy images.
Thanks so much for stopping by & making me feel supported in my handbag spurgle. There is something about a handbag that just doesn't seem so bad when you spend a little extra on it. maybe because like wonderful shoes, they can almost last forever!
Smiles & thanks for the lovely tour,


Amanda said...

that golden rose looks a lot like the type of roses we used in my wedding! i would be in heaven if i could grow them in my backyard!!