Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend crafts and superhero cat

My sister thoughtfully sent me a bouquet of flowers at work the other day, and I brought them home on Friday to enjoy over the weekend. While attempting to photograph them, Charlie decided to strike a pose. I love how this one turned out-- he looks like a superhero who just sensed the bat signal. (Cat signal?)

Friday night I treated myself to a pedicure and an issue of Somerset Studio magazine. That magazine gets my creative juices flowing. I stayed up until two in the morning working on this collage.

I had fun splattering white gesso on it.

I finished decorating another small tote. You probably can't tell from the photo, but it's only about 4" by 5". I wanted to play around with fabric, felt, and needle felting.

Saturday I stopped in at my neighborhood Goodwill store and was amazed to see they cleaned the place up and organized everything neatly. I bought several blouses for five dollars each, and this art print on sale for 50% off. I had a bit of buyer's remorse at first because the colors don't match my apartment, but after I found a place for it on my bathroom counter I began feeling happy about having it in my home.

* * *
There are a couple of giveaways going on I want to tell you about. The first one is from Jill at Mindfully Simple-- she is giving away a lovely handmade bead necklace. The second is a special and incredibly generous giveaway from Kelly Rae Roberts, which I really hope you will take a minute to read about.



Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers, what was the occasion? Kitty is cute posing! My Goodwill store is really junky, could use some organization. I stop in at times and grab a goodie or two! Love to all and have a blessed day!

Jill said...

So is there some special occasion you want to share with us??
I am jealous of your creative time, though know I'm getting more than I used to of late. I love your tote - did you start with one already made or did you start by making that as well? And your picture is gorgeous, whether is 'matches' or not. And a HUGE thanks for the plug on my giveaway! Your a great pal!

woollywotnots said...

Hi Stacy,
Your collage is just amazing!!!! Your are such a professional artist. Your work is fantastic. It is so interesting to look at and such super detail. Love it! Love your cute tote bag too and the flowers are beautiful. What a lovely surprise from your sister. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheerio, Woollywotnots


Hi Stacy !!!
That is a great photo of your flowers and kitty :)
Your collage is cool too and love the little bag you made!
I'm going to post about our ATC swap this week :)
I've been thinking about a's good to treat ourselves:)
Have a great Monday.
Deb :)

annamaria potamiti said...

Sweet collage-hard working girl!- Lovely flowers, does the cat think so too? enjoy what 's left of the weekend- I have to go now because I promised my hubby I will do some cleaning...

Dogwood said...

You have a sweet sissy. Charlie needs to be in Hollywood! Love all you have done! Dogwood

Stacy said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! My sister sent me the flowers "just because." The tote bag was pre-made-- I bought it at Michael's and decorated it.

Michelle said...

Hi there! I wanted to pop over for a visit...we seem to comment together a lot of the time over at Jill's lovely blog :-)

What a regal cat you have...I had one, a dear, dear friend, for 17 years. Someday, we'll have like that make me long for another kitty for sure :-)

Lovely collage & bag too!!


Ronna said...

Just happened across you blog and love it. Love the kitties and the ATCs. We're kindred spirits I think. Check out my blog:

Stacy said...

Hi Michelle & Ronna! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoyed checking out your blogs very much. Nice to meet you!