Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Knitting Projects

I'm working on some simple knitting projects, completing a few rows each day. For the above striped wash cloth, I'm using Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed Organic Cotton. It's loverly.

This one is going to be a mat for an end table. The yarn is called Geranium from Needful Things, and it's a combination of linen, acrylic, and viscose. I love the turquoise blue running through it.

I recently found this booklet of felted projects at a craft store. It doesn't include much in the way of detailed instructions, but the pictures are inspiring.

I wanted to try some of the needle felting shown in the book, but didn't want to invest the time and energy in to knitting and wet felting a bag that I was going to experiment on. So I ended up buying a set of three tiny tote bags at Michael's for a dollar. The first one turned out okay. I gave it to my friend Dogwood with a little gift of lavender sachets inside.

* * *
Katharine at Woollywotnots gave me an award! Thank you, Katharine, I appreciate it. I will pass it on soon.

Speaking of Katharine, she started a very cool book club. The focus will be on craft books, and you choose from the four she selects each month and then post your thoughts on her forum on Sundays. I'm looking forward to it and hope you will join us!


Dogwood said...

And, I just love my little green bag with the felted heart design. I have it hanging on the door knob of the guest/sewing room. Every time I pass by the door, I squeeze the bag and smell the wonderful fragance of lavander. I am such a lucky lady to have Stacy as a friend. Dogwood

Rachel said...

It is all just "loverly" and I love the Eliza Doolittle reference ☺

Your little felted bag is beautiful. Not just 'okay' - come on now! You deserve your blog award.

You are loverly, too! I'm heading over to visit Katharine now.

Linda said...

Your knitting looks great, I love the colour of your yarn you are knitting with. The felting pamphlet is lovely. Well done for getting an award!

Theresa said...

Happy Thursday! Your knitting is beautiful. Love the little green bag and the personal touch you added:) Have a blessed day!

Stacy said...

Thank you everyone for your nice words!!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog, its so nice to e-meet you!
I really think your little green bag with the felted heart is charming,you have lucky friends!
I particularly like the crocheted piece,I am planning to do some very simple crochet with my youngest daughter- I am reading up on it before I invest on any wool-
or anything at all- any advice is welcome!!
Have a great day

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Pretty dishcloth. I would hate to wash dishes with it!

woollywotnots said...

Hi Stacy, what an exciting post, full of all sorts of interesting things. Your felt book looks fab. You'll have to share it on the book club forum ;-) Thanks for the plug by the way! Much appreciated. Thank you.

I love your blue sky alpaca cotton. Such beautiful shades and your table mat looks lovely too. Looks like you are very busy!

Stacy said...

Thanks for stopping by Annamaria! I taught myself to crochet with books and DVDs, but it probably would have been better to have a teacher ... I'm not great at it.

I'm glad you like the cloth, Jen. Thanks for your comment.

You're welcome, Katharine, and thanks for the compliments! I'm happy to plug your book club and looking forward to our discussions in your forum.

Dogwood said...

I love your profile picture! Did you sister paint it for you? Dogwood

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your little bag with the felted embellishments is lovely! The felt book looks like an inspiring read.