Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knitting vs. Not knitting

It seems like I have so little free time. When I do, I’m torn between using it for knitting or for learning techniques for new crafts. I’m drawn to collage and quilting and needle felting, but the act of knitting connects me to my heart in a way that no other craft does.

It’s funny that I'm so in love with knitting. Growing up, the only person I knew who knit was my grandmother, and her scratchy purple afghans didn’t appeal to me.

In fact, I was so disinterested that I think my grandmother's knitting became invisible. Twenty years ago, I snapped a picture of her on a family vacation in Mazatlan, sitting on the beach in a funny straw hat, knitting away. I have no recollection of her knitting on that trip and I don’t think I noticed the needles in her hands in that photo until I began knitting a few years ago.

Now I dearly wish I had an interest in knitting when she was alive; I would love to have been able to share that with her.

Sometimes I think the question of whether to knit or try a new craft is really a choice between safety and risk. Knitting is comfortable; I feel fairly confident that my projects will turn out nicely (even though they often don’t). When I collage, my work feels half done and kindergarten-y.

Oops, we're experiencing technical difficulties. One moment please.

Here we go.

And other times I think the real question is whether to spend my time doing what I truly want to do or what I think I should do. It can be so hard to discern between the two.

No answers today, only questions.

On a completely unrelated subject, the Washington Post has a great article about a quilting kerfuffle involving JoAnn Fabric's refusal to carry an issue of Quilter's Home magazine that contained photos of controversial quilts. This quote from the article is priceless:

"Since when did JoAnn Fabrics become the arbiter of MY morals? I'll go to church for that ... and when I want styrofoam chickens I'll go to JoAnn's."

Now I just need to find that issue and buy it.


Anonymous said...

Fun blog entry for Golden Bird Knit. Love your writing style. Oh, I did not know that your special granny knit! Our cats sure thing they are in charge of everything and so curious. Dogwood (your devoted fan and friend)

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- I'm glad you got your technical difficulties straightened out. Your little collage is so cute. I love the picture of your grandmother knitting. I wish I had a picture of my grandmother sewing. Which brings up an interesting point -- maybe we should have a few pics of ourselves taken, doing what we love most for our grandchildren???

Anonymous said...

Joann's, the same store with the new iron-on Jesus craft section? Interesting that they're making non-secular inventory choices.--Felty