Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just another rainy Sunday

It's my favorite kind of Sunday-- rainy. Outside, birds are twittering, and inside, I'm puttering around in my pajamas, chatting with the cats and indulging in my new obsession, needle felting. I'm so glad I took that class at Stitches! The instructor, Debbie Radtke, who designed these charming hedgehogs , made it fun and stress-free. She encouraged us to experiment and play with the needle felting, likening it to finger painting.

I pulled this felted PDA case out of my drawer last night and got to work. I made it a few years ago based on a pattern from
Leigh Radford's Alterknits , but I felted it too much-- it turned out too thick and too tiny, which is why it was stuffed away in a drawer with my other knitting mishaps. But the needle felting has breathed new life into it.

Here it is before:

And here it is after:

The ceramic button is the work of Carol Milich. I adore her buttons! Here are a few more I bought at an antique store in Boulder Creek last summer.

I also worked on the Kureyon bag last night. First, I decided to line it. I bought some cotton fabric at Joann's , but I don't know how to sew, so I had to turn to my handy-dandy Girl's Best Book of Knitting, Sewing and Embroidery for guidance.

I'm glad you can't examine my stitches closely because they are rather awful. But I did manage to line the bag.

Then I attached a leather handle I bought at Stitches on Friday. These handles are kinda different-- the buttons really do go on the inside of the bag.

The bag has a million imperfections, but that's okay. It'll work as a shopping tote or a book bag. And at least I got to practice my sewing skills.


Anonymous said...

Oh,golly/jolly, I love all the items you have been making. You are so talented and really taking off with your creative projects. I have been left in the dust as I am still knitting scarfs. I want to branch out but may need some time with you! Love your photos and use of props such as your cats and pottery! Your writing style is nice and fun to read. Rainy days are the greatest. Dogwood

Anonymous said...

oops...scarves not scarfs

Stacy said...

Thanks Dogwood! If wasn't for you, I never would have learned to knit. Your enthusiasm is what got me started, and you continue to inspire me with your creativity and generosity. I wish I could quilt and scrapbook like you ... we do need to spend some time together!