Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping & Twilight

I’m having a good time shopping in secondhand and discount stores for furniture and decorations for my apartment. Last night I went to TJ Maxx Home Goods and bought this cheerful tablecloth and silk plant. In the past I have gone with neutral shades, but after reading crafty blogs the last couple months (especially Attic24, where I frequently steal ideas from), I‘ve fallen in love not only with color, but with floral and vintage prints.

There is a shop nearby called Not Too Shabby with lots of gently used vintage and cottage items. I saw three small tables I want to buy, but with tax day right around the corner I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. Instead I settled for this picture, which I am quite happy about. It’s funny how something can just grab you without really understanding what it is you love about it.

* * *

Lesley Riley at My Art Heart is having a small giveaway … all you have to do is answer the question, "Where is your art studio?" Your answer can be real or imaginary.

* * *

I’m reading Twilight and can’t put it down. My sister gave me the DVD with the instructions, “Get in touch with your inner thirteen-year old girl and watch it.” I did exactly that, and my inner teenager enjoyed it very, very much and developed quite a crush on Robert Pattinson.

* * *

Tomorrow I’m going to San Francisco to visit my friend Dogwood. Her birthday is coming up soon. I wonder what's in her gift bag?

Wishing you a very happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodie! I just saw a pretty green decorated gift bag that I think may have my name on it! See you tomorrow for a fun day in THE CITY. Hugs, Dogwood

Rachel said...

Good thrift finds! Lucky you.

I hope you have a great time in San Francisco (another city on my "Places to Visit list") and enjoy time spent with your good friend!