Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm planning a mini-vacation at home this weekend. This has been a busy week and I am seriously in need of some down time.

On the agenda:

-Lay in my lounge chair out on the patio and read Eclipse . I am totally hooked on the series. I won't even tell you how many times I've watched the Twilight DVD in the last two weeks.

-If my Amazon order arrives, start reading The End of Your World and I Thought It Was Just Me .

-Watch my Netflix movies, Little Children and Ice Princess.

Oh, and Twilight again, most likely.

-Knit. I'm making eyelet wash cloths so I can post the pattern as a suggestion for a Mother's Day gift.

-Cook Salmon Florentine using a recipe from the American Heart Association website.

And ... go for walks, do housekeeping, play with the cats, and continue to work on decorating the apartment. I went shopping again last night for furniture and should have some pictures to show you soon.

Hope you have a great weekend. What are your plans?


Rachel said...

It sound like an idyllic weekend. Enjoy! Me, I have lots and lots of work to do... but hopefully there will be time for fun, too. ☺

Thimbleanna said...

Hope you're having fun with your mini-vacation. I'm supposed to be sewing. Instead, I'm catching up on blogs (and taking 20 minute You-Tube detours -- thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Weekend! Relax and enjoy it. Dogwood