Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas came early

I live in a very nice apartment with very, very thin walls. It's a problem because I have super-duper sensitive hearing and low tolerance for noise. Lately the sound of my neighbor's stereo and television has been driving me absolutely crazy. It's been so bad that I started looking around for a new place to live. But after checking out several places, I realized I do have a great apartment that I'm not ready to leave.

So I went to Best Buy yesterday and purchased a couple items to help deal with the noise-- a portable CD player and noise-canceling headphones. I rarely buy electronic gadgets (I bought my cell phone three years ago for twenty dollars), so it seemed extravagant to buy these things. But it was an investment in my sanity, and oh, I'm so glad I did it. With those headphones on all I can hear is the lovely music that I choose to listen to.

I treated myself to several CD's, too, which also seemed indulgent (even though I haven't bought a CD in over a year), but I'm enjoying them so much I might buy a few more this afternoon. This Glee soundtrack is awesome and has a bunch of great songs from the television show sung by the characters. Listening to it makes me so happy.

Last night I drifted off to sleep listening to lullabies by Jewel. This is a Fisher-Price CD, but it's for adults, too. (It said so on the label!) She sings a beautiful version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

I also bought "The Ultimate Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe." Corny title, but it does have some wonderful pieces from Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and others. I laid in bed this morning listening to it-- such a pleasant way to start the day.

On a different subject, I bought yarn online for the first time and it arrived yesterday. It's called "Popcorn" and it is for a scarf I'm knitting for someone special.

I know I promised not to mention my slippers again, but I just have to tell you one more thing. The piece of paper with the slipper pattern is on the floor in a corner of the living room (yes, that's where I keep it :), and Charlie keeps laying on top of it like it's his little security blanket. I wonder if he's trying to hint that he'd like a pair?

Hope you're having a relaxing and quiet Sunday.


Suz said...

Charlie is very give the guy a break if he wants slippers..make him a pair
I love how you processed your plan for noise abatement...good thinking
nice music always works to mainline a good feeling into us

Theresa said...

You deserve some peace and music:) Happy you treated yourself to an early Christmas gift. I had never heard of the popcorn yarn until today. I was doing some shopping online and found a popcorn scarf. Go figure.... Have a blessed evening and I think that is one smart kitty. Perhaps I should lay on that paper too:) hehe

Dogwood said...

Sorry about the noise from your neighbor and the stress of it all! Your apartment is wonderful and I am glad you treated yourself to some electronic devices to help calm yourself and block the noise. What a great idea. You deserve to treat yourself. Do you already have the soundtracks for Twilight and New Moon?

Charlie, you are too cute. Rocky loves sleeping on anything left on the floor. Can't help by love our cats!

Have a great evening.

Rachel said...

I love your music choices. Glee! I'm sure that's happy listening. I think Jewel has the most beautiful voice - good call on the lullabies. That should dampen any ire you feel towards your inconsiderate and noisy neighbour! I also love classical music. I find it's the only music I can listen to when I'm marking. I have a few CDs and I listen to on my computer at work.

Yes, I think Charlie needs a teeny-weeny pair of slippers. That is undoubtably a hint!

I can't wait to see what the popcorn yarn looks like when it's knitted up into a scarf. How neat!

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Me... I'm off to find my booties. My feet are cold!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nice treats for yourself. As indulgent as they may seem at the time, it's good to treat yourself. Okay, okay, that's what I tell myself every time I buy some fabric. LOL!


Sorry to hear that you have bad neighbors :(
I like the idea of Christmas gifts now!!!Glad it helps.
I need to put together my ATC's not coming together like I want it to...
Deb :)

Thimbleanna said...

I definitely think that cute little Charlie wants some slippers! Sorry about your noisy neighbors -- looks like you're handling it well though!

Linda said...

Charlie is so sweet! It feels so good to treat ourselves to something good, enjoy your early Christmas present, and yes, I think Charlie is going to keep sitting on that pattern until he gets his own pair of slippers:)

Have a great week,



5orangepotatoes said...

Oh love the cut little kitty, he sure is hinting for a pair of slippers. You may have to double the amount you make but they would be much smaller.

I have never seen that Jewel Fisher Price CD, I bet it's beautiful.


Woollywotnots said...

Great treats. What a shame that your beautiful apartment is hampered with neighbours! Hope the electronic treats does the trick!