Monday, June 1, 2009

Shower and a bit of a lucky streak

Yesterday was my sister's bridal shower. I was SO stressed in the days leading up to it, feeling certain that something would go dreadfully wrong. I'm happy to report that my anxieties were unfounded (as usual) and the shower was lots of fun.

We held it in the rec room at my apartment complex. This is the spread-- fruit platter, veggies & dip, cheese & crackers, frosted cookies and Safeway cake.

The cake was chocolate with white buttercream filling and frosting. It was SOOOO delicious. I had two pieces and then stashed what was leftover in my fridge. Yum, it's going to make a nice mid-morning snack today.

We had a good time playing "how well do you know the bride" and bridal shower bingo. The prizes were a sachet of tea in the triangle-shaped box with the little ceramic how-de-do thing that you put your tea bag on. (No idea what those are called.)

The shower had a kitchen theme, so most of the guests brought gifts for cooking or serving food. Our big sister Feltypants went a different route and got her a Hooter's cookbook and this candy bra. It was hysterical. (That's my little sis, the bride, in the picture.)

For favors, we gave away these little bags with measuring spoons or Susan G. Koman chip clips, along with a small bundle of fresh herbs and a recipe for using them to make butter or salad dressing.

Feltypants made these very cool Bridezilla cookbooks to give out with the favors. Inside are several excellent recipes and food/love-related poetry. It was such a nice touch. (The Bridezilla thing is explained in this post from a few months ago.)

When the shower was over, my body was so sore I felt like I'd been in a wreck. A long, hot bubble bath fixed me right up. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over because it was a lot of work and so nerve-wracking.

* * *

I won a giveaway! Yesterday I found out I'm the lucky winner of this fabric wallet made by Sandi at An Artistic Bent . Yay! It's adorable.

Sandi has many cute aprons and wallets on her site if you'd like to check it out.

And then I got another email yesterday, this time from my friend Dogwood, mysteriously stating I'd won her Facebook giveaway. It was a bit confusing because I couldn't remember signing up for anything like that, and I didn't know people had giveaways on Facebook.

But I went to her wall and discovered an announcement that I'd won these see-thru "paint cans." It was funny because I'd asked Dogwood to pick these up for me-- she's given me gifts of buttons and ribbons in these types of canisters and I love them but can't find them in the craft stores in my area. So I guess not only did she buy them for me, she also held a secret giveaway in which I was the only name entered! Hmmm, that might be my favorite kind of giveaway ;-)

Thanks, Dogwood!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win, what a nice surprise.
Love the bridezilla cookbooks, what fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy, I've popped your name down for the swap. xxxx

Rachel said...

It's called a trivet - that little thing to put teabags on. At least that's what I call it.

Nice bridal shower! It's fun (but a lot of work) to host showers, isn't it?! The little loot bags are great! and the cookbooks! fun.

Lucky you winning the wallet and the secret facebook giveaway. What a hoot that is!

Have a great week, Stacy.

Anonymous said...

Bridal showers are not the tradition here, (though I'm hoping that will change) do they happen before or after the wedding? (please excuse my ignorance of these things).
That beautiful cake has really got my mouth watering as well as all those lovely gifts! your sister is a lucky girl to have such lovely sisters.
Thank you for your mesages, I'm really happy to be back, I've missed you.

Joshy and belle said...

Hi Stacey
ive just found your blog via Melanie and Sumea and thought id say hi, your sisters bridal shower looked good fun, my sister is getting married next year,im in charge of the hen night, well week end, if i could get away with it id book a crochet workshop and craft weekend! he he!!
hope you dont mind me popping by, felicity xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bridal shower for your sissy was a huge success! I LOVE Safeway cakes...yummy-yummy. Thanks for posting my Facebook Give Away on your blog. Hugs from your very goofy friend. Dogwood

themagiconions said...

Everything looks wonderful... and your sister looks very happy.
Lucky you to win that lovely wallet. And those paint cans are great... where are they from?

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Looks like the shower was a success! Good for you. Now you can relax.