Saturday, June 27, 2009


These are baby screech owls that are being raised in a wildlife rescue center. Aren't they the cutest? They look like wise little muppets.

I have a *thing* for owls. It started over ten years ago, when I used to hike in the foothills most evenings, and in late summer would see huge owls-- I think they were Great Horned-- perched on the tips of the tallest trees. For me, seeing those birds was like winning the lottery jackpot. I was rich with owls.

Then, a few years ago, I met a birding friend as obsessed with owls as I am. At night we would sneak in to the woods to go owling. She would play a tape recording of a Western Screech Owl, and we'd stand perfectly still in the dark, flashlights ready, waiting for a response. When we heard a hoot, we'd shine our lights in that direction, certain we were about to see an owl. But the only thing we ever saw were wood rats and a bobcat that scared the bejeezus out of me.

The next spring, I began seeing barn owls in flight in my neighborhood at night. It was funny the way it started-- one night, I happened to glance up and see one gliding over a rooftop and out of sight. It happened about a dozen more times over the next few months. I'll never forget it, because that was the year I learned that you don't always have to travel very far from home to find what you're searching for-- sometimes all you have to do is step outside and look up at the sky.

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Here are some owl-themed craft projects you might enjoy.

Robyn at
Daisy Quilts is offering this cute Hoot the Owl tutorial for free until June 30th, and then it will be available in her Etsy shop.

This owl dishcloth, designed by Janelle Schlossman, is available for free at
Knitting on the Net .



Rachel said...

My mother always liked owls, too. I don't really get the fascination (birds kind of freak me out) but I do agree that those little owlets are cute and muppet-ish. And Hoot is adorable. I'm going to visit Daisy Quilts and check out the tutorial. Thanks for the tip!

RG said...

Oh I have to say I think these are the most adorable little owls!! They are so very small too...they look like the size of the lady's hand.
Oh dear...sooooo cute :D

Stacy said...

Thanks for letting me post a pic of your Hoot the Owl tutorial, Robyn! It's very cute. The real owls are adorable, too, with their big eyes so full of wonder.

Rachel, I'm glad you like Robyn's tutorial!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! I love owls! xxxx

Stacy said...

Thanks, Melanie! Me, too ;)

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Hi I just came across your blog and I found your post on owls. Just wanted to tell you how lovely it was to read it - I've become very drawn to owls too and those are some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

Meira Shana said...

Owls are fun to watch, too ...

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