Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Bird Lady

As many of you know, last autumn I moved to a new apartment and was eager to see the types of birds that would come to my feeder. Although I live in the heart of a big city, I’m tucked away in a tiny little corner of wilderness with a flowing creek and tall, mature trees.

he bird life has been okay, but not as exciting as expected, until a couple weeks ago. We had our first warm day in a very long time, and when I opened my eyes and gazed out the window that morning, I saw a bright yellow bird hopping from branch to branch in the redwood tree. (I think that might have been the fastest I’ve ever jumped out of bed.)  It was a Townsend's Warbler, a bird I've only caught quick glimpses of in the past.

That morning an amazing variety of birds stopped by. Not all of them fed at the feeders, but they were kind enough to forage in  the trees and on the ground at the edge of the creek. There were woodpeckers, finches, warblers, sparrows, robins, and more. It was like they all got the memo to come on out and play.

I can hardly describe my excitement at seeing all of those birds outside my window. That afternoon I paid a visit to the Wild Bird Store, eager to purchase a few more feeders. I won’t tell you how much money I spent, but I can tell you the number of bird feeders now hanging on my small patio: seven. Seven! I am officially a Crazy Bird Lady. My kitchen cabinet is bursting with seeds.

Not only did I buy feeders and seed, but I bought Alpaca roving to drape in the trees so the birds can use it for their nests. It was fun decorating the tree with it, but I had my doubts it would actually be useful until I saw a hummingbird pull a strand off the tree and fly away with it.

I don't mind being a Crazy Bird Lady at all. I love offering the birds a variety of food; it brings me great joy to watch them nibble on sunflower seeds and suet. I like the excitement each morning of anticipating the types of bird that will come to visit. And I love knowing I'm helping to support bird life in this time of shrinking habitats, climate change, and other challenges our winged friends face.


Kim's Treasures said...

I sooo love birds! My girlfriend took me to the Fox River yesterday to show me where the Bald Eagles hang out and fish. We didn't see any but I really cannot wait to take photos! We can't hang feeders here at our apartment, I sure wish we could!

Enjoy your birds! Lucky bird lady!

Linda said...

How wonderful Stacy!! I just love it when I spot a new bird variety in our gardern. I always rush to grab my camera:) I think your bird feeders are lovely. Today I am going to put fleece in our trees, I will let you know what happens:)
Take care

Tracey ~ Clover said...

We are big bird lovers here too. I always know spring is close when I set up the hummingbird feeders for the scouts and I spot the indigo buntings. It won't be long now.

Ronna said...

I love all your feeders and the wildlife you get to see around your place. I too have various feeders and enjoy my birdie visitors!!

Maiden Jane said...

Crazy bird lady....I'm so glad the birds have found you. Wow, they will be so warm with their alpaca! Maybe you can knit them a nice warm nest and they can stay right outside your window in that tree!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you must be constantly refilling your feeders! I love birdwatching too -- well, animal watching of any kind. How exciting it must have been to see the hummingbird with the roving! Maybe if I put a bag of roving on my patio, the goofy squirrels will leave my patio chair cushions alone!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LOL@Anna's comment!

We have a pair of resident hummingbirds every Summer. Of course when I see them, where is my camera? Not with me! I started saving my too small to work with fabric scraps for the Spring so that Amelia can scatter them outside for the birds to use in their nests. We'll see how that goes.

Caffeine Girl said...

For a long time, I just didn't get the bird thing. Then I started drawing them and just fell in love!

Your little spot in the world looks so lovely!

Suz said...

Oh you're so wondeerful!
ANd to think back on how unhappy you were at your old place..see change is good
and you are my kind of bird nut
I too look everyday..in every tree
I am surprised that you have warblers..but oh I forgot you are in Calif!
I love warblers..they fly in so fast and you have to keep watch for them
In fact the townsend that I saw was at our old house by a creek
I am so happy for you
Only 7?

Theresa said...

Nothing crazy about loving birds:) They are beautiful and I hope you enjoy your bird-watching this spring! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Dogwood said...

I had to laugh when I saw all your bird feeders. I think you now have more than me! You go girl. I love being a crazy bird lady. Birds are the best. So sweet and interesting. I love love them. Have a fun weekend. Hugs, Cory