Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goldenbird in transition

On the one hand, I hate moving. On the other hand, my heart flutters with joy when I remind myself I am moving in less than a week.

Welcome to my living room. I am in transition.

I've started to emotionally detach from my current apartment so I can say good-bye to it next week. Yet I can't quite connect with my new apartment because I only saw the inside for a few minutes a month ago. I'm neither here nor there, focusing instead on the process of packing and the logistics of moving day.

I have lived in my current neighborhood for over 14 years. I love the tall trees, the shopping center with both Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble, and the easy access to the highway. I know where the hummingbirds perch on a hot day, the best place to spot a Barn Owl late at night, and where to go for a solitary walk.

The new place

The new place looks beautiful from the outside, but I wonder what is waiting for me inside. Insects? Noisy neighbors? Chilly mornings and sleepless nights? I'm trying to focus on the good stuff-- top floor, private patio, bird feeders, and the sound of the creek. But it's hard not to fear the unknown.

When I moved 14 years ago to my current neighborhood, on moving day I woke up with a migraine and cried and cried. I had taken the apartment sight unseen because my rent had skyrocketed due to a housing shortage, and I was certain I would hate the new place.

When I arrived and saw the inside for the first time, it was love at first sight. I stayed there for over a decade before moving to a larger apartment within the same complex 18 months ago.

Another shot of the new place

The new place has many of the things I was looking for in a new home-- it is lush and green with lots of birds and a walking trail close by. But I had pictured myself in a rural setting, or perhaps in the mountains or by the beach. Instead I will be in the heart of the city on a busy street. I wanted a cottage with walls that are not attached to another residence. Instead I am in another apartment with people living on either side of me and below.

Fortunately, I can move again in six months if I'm not happy there. But I am hoping I will be. I hope it will be quiet, that I will find peace in the redwood and eucalyptus trees outside my window, that the sound of the creek will be reassuring, that it will lull me to sleep at night. I hope the cats enjoy the view from the top floor, that I will soon be on a first name basis with the folks that own the Thai restaurant a block away, that I will quickly learn where to spot wildlife on the walking trail across the street.

That is my hope. Soon I will find out.


Rachel said...

The new place looks beautiful. I hope you (and Charlie and Apollo) will be very happy there with all the birds and the babbling brook. I hope you have really nice neighbours, and let's face it, you can't possibly have one worse than that awful guy who lived on the other side of the wall before.

But, yes, moving is hard and it does take a little while to adjust to a new place. Once you've unpacked and made it your own, you'll feel better, I'm sure.

Good luck with the moving (ugh - I don't envy you that job).

Kim's Treasures said...

Good luck with your move! The new place looks beautiful! I was really nervous about leaving Michigan and my house to come to Chicagoland and an apartment (house will sell eventually, I hope!) but all and all it's beginning to feel more like a home now. It's an adventure for sure. Some days are a little noisy with the neighbors but not bad. At least I have less to clean!

Hope you settle in and love it!

Theresa said...

Well, my dear friend... I pray that you will love your new home! It sure looks nice! I pray that your neighbors will be nice to you and appreciate the kind, wonderful lady that you are! I pray you have lots of birds to look at, that the water will make a sweet sound and that you will feel right at home from the very start! Love to you and big hugs!

stringsofpurls said...

Best wishes for an easy move. It looks beautiful and you may make some new friends! Blessings to you as you discover new things to enjoy!

Dogwood said...

Dear buddy friend Stacy~Your concerns are normal. Change can be hard and upsetting.But, I think you and your kitty kiddos will be happy in your new home. The garden is so lush and having trails near-by will be nice. Can't wait to visit you in your new home. Have a fun weekend. Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Maiden Jane said...

It must be terribly difficult to be in transition and awaiting the unknown. It is unsettling to live among boxes, but there must be tremendous excitement too. The new place looks rainforest lush! I hope that it will be a place of peace for you and a true home.

Linda said...

Dear Stacy,
I just know that this new apartment is going to be wonderful for you:) You can have birdfeeders, how lovely! I wish you all the best with your move. Such a sweet photo of your Charlie:)
Take care

Hilary Martin said...

And you'll be closer to me. Woo-hoo!

noelle said...

Oh wow, it looks gorgeous, i hope it works out for you. Good luck x x


Hi Stacy,
I see a new header and it looks Great!
I also think the new place looks very nice and hope that your neighbors are quiet and that you will LOVE your new home!
Wish I could help you pack and move! Warmly,
deb :)

Thimbleanna said...

I love that picture with the cat on the box -- he's not going to be left behind LOL. The new place looks beautiful -- I'll bet you'll love it in no time!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Good luck Stacy. I'm sure it will all work out for you. Just unpack everything and make your new place your home.

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

I hope all will be wonderful and peaceful for you as well. But I know how you feel, I always cry when I move, it's just hard to leave a place that has been comforting for an unknown. But it looks beautiful and you will be able to have bird feeders!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your "blog", [although I don't really know what a blog is. I'm from the old school and it seems like I am back to "school" all over again with all of the passwords, blogs, twitters etc.etc. I love birds also and dogs, cats, elephants, frogs/toads, just about all animal life. This "blog" may be too long so let me know how this goes. I'm a long time - VERY easy knitter. I am going to try this "bamboo scarf" and hope to branch out to more and more. I too just moved [argh] to a new apartment. So recent I just don't want to discuss it. However, I am very happy and have found that it suits me just fine. Things are just different with where I can put everything -[my yarn is sitting around and in temp. areas now until I figure where to station it]. Thanks for listening to me ramble!! Sincerely, roseyposey I love roses and flowers and make a point to have a little area where I can putter in the "garden".

Stacy said...

Thank you for your note, Barb! It's wonderful to hear from you and nice to meet another animal lover. I'm fond of easy patterns, too.