Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Accidental Christmas Stocking

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and congratulations on my sister's little one. I stopped by her place yesterday and saw the picture from the ultrasound ... oh my gosh! I think it is safe to say it is the cutest 9-week old baby I have ever seen :o)

I spent Friday night and Saturday morning knitting what turned out to be the biggest newborn baby bootie ever. I can't figure out why it turned out so huge-- I did a gauge swatch, something I almost never do. So now I'm thinking with a little bit of embellishing it can be a Christmas stocking for the baby.

My knitting mojo comes and goes. Do you ever get the urge to knit something new and exciting but just can't get started? That's what has been happening to me. I look and look and look at Ravelry and through my knitting books, hoping something will grab me, but nothing does. I did manage to finish the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf shown above. It's a little short, so I'm trying to decide whether to go ahead and bind off or order one more skein online.

came to visit today and we walked to downtown Willow Glen for lunch and a little shopping. I bought this crochet coin purse I've been wanting for a while. It's not as cute as Thimbleanna's blue beaded purse, but I had to have it.

We had lots of excitement around here this weekend ... in addition to the gynormous baby bootie and a visit from Dogwood, my new bed was delivered! Or maybe I should say Charlie and Apollo's new bed was delivered. Last night I found myself scrunched up on the edge of the bed because the cats were taking up the middle. I think tonight we are going to have to have a talk ...

Happy Halloween!


Theresa said...

Well, I love the bootie... errr Christmas stocking! You are going to be the best Auntie ever:)

Cute change purse, glad you got it! You and Dogwood together, how fun!

Set some limits with the new bed, save a little room for yourself:)

Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Rachel said...

Good morning! How did you sleep in your (and I say that with tongue in cheek) new bed? We have the same problem with AbbyDog - how does such a small creature take up so much room?

Cute baby bootie/Christmas stocking. Maybe Hilary's baby will have humongous feet...? Just kidding, but it really is sweet.

I know what you mean about wanting to start something new but now quite knowing what to make. It's the same way for me with sewing. Sometimes I just end up messing around at the sewing machine, and no good can come of that!

Hilary Martin said...

Yay! Baby's first Christmas stocking. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes.

Kim's Treasures said...

I love the change purse!!! It is the cutest!

Pretty scarf, maybe you could add a button and make it a neck warmer.

My cat has been hogging my pillow! I don't know why they think they own the bed!

Have a good day! :)

Dogwood said...

The little bootie is precious. Sweet baby will grow into them. The scarf so pretty. Love the colors. What fun we had yesterday. Great to see you in your new apartment. So nice for you to have the creek and huge trees nearby!

Sorry I said that "bad work" but that barracade lady really got me angry!!!! OOPS.

Have a good day at work.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

those kitties. They can be such bed hogs. Ours are the same way. I love the baby booty turned Christmas stocking!

Maiden Jane said...

Oh don't you hate when that happens! I'm surprised. Maybe ditch the gauge on the next try. Mine usually end up too small or tight because I'm such a tight knitter. I'm usually lazy about making gauge swatches for small items because I figure it's the same amount of ripping. I like your one-row scarf. I made one also. It's just enough to tie around my next.

Linda said...

Such wonderful knitting as always and I love that purse:)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt soon!
Love the scarf and that cute little change purse!

Oh yes, our furbaby has taken over the bed, too. It would be so much easier to kick them off if they weren't so cute. LOL

Kimberly :-)

Philwebservices said...

love it..keep on posting..

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

A baby christmas stocking...great idea! I love your new crocheted coin purse. And it looks like your cats really really love your new bed :)

Suz said...

Oh you had me laughing
loved the christmas stocking...I think you could market that
and the cats new bed....
I have 3 cats...need I say anymore
except to laugh really hard at your grasping the edge of the mattress! hee hee


Hi Stacy,
I think it will make a cute Christmas stocking! Cute coin purse!!
How fun to have a new bed!
I'll be mailing my ATC soon!
deb :)

Thimbleanna said...

You're such a sweetheart to buy a new bed for your kitties LOL! Cute little coinpurse. And the way you knit, you should try a beaded purse -- they're really fun to knit! ;-D