Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunny Love Blanket

It's warmed up here to the point where I can comfortably knit outside on the patio. I'm working on my first baby blanket in this soft organic cotton. It's for my sister's baby, also known as "the bun" (hence the name of the blanket), also known as my future niece, due to arrive in June.

I usually avoid knitting blankets because I don't like to work with such a large number of stitches, plus I'm in to the whole instant gratification thing (or as instant as you can get with knitting) and blankets take forever. But this one is gratifying in a different way because I get to sit and think about the bun as I knit and send her my love with every stitch.

(photo from The Purl Bee )

Speaking of blankets, I don't sew, but I'm a big fan of quilts and love these Courthouse Steps mini-quilts from The Purl Bee. The shades of orange, blue and grey look so nice together-- who'd have thought? I never would have put those colors together.

* * *

I found this coaching tip from Carolyn Foster, A Truth That Knocked Me Flat, very insightful. Food for thought.

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If you are a Pride & Prejudice fan, you must check out Elizabeth Bennet's Inbox -- it is SO funny.

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For those of you experiencing blizzards and freezing temperatures and endless amounts of snow, stay safe and warm. You are in my thoughts.


Amanda said...

knitting outside? right now, for me, being able to do anything outside would be nice! it's still around -2C so there's not a lot really fun to do outside other then slushy walks...

Anita said...

I love the log cabin look, you can get the same effect with knitting too. I found this lady's blog and found the directions easy to follow. A whole blanket may not suit the need for instant gratification but a block at a time may. (Hope you don't mind the link, it's not mine and I'm not affiliated so doesn't fall in the category of shameless self plug.)

Katiebee said...

so sweet of you to bundle a little one in homemade love~ love the color~




Hi Stacy,
Sounds so nice to sit outside and enjoy the "warm" weather...
What a pretty color for the baby blanket.
Have a blessed day.

Kitty said...

I'm so envious of you- knitting in the warm weather! The only thing I did outside today is chip ice off my car.... GRrrr... This winter thing is so over in my mind. Mister reminds me that it's JUST the beginning of February.

Knit extra happy for those of us in coooold climates!

Thimbleanna said...

Looking beautiful so far -- I'll bet you're having a fun time. While knitting outside would be fun, I enjoyed an afternoon of actual knitting yesterday -- looking at the beautiful white scenery outside. Knitting is so versatile LOL!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Stacy, love the blanket you are knitting for the "bun". Is this a pattern of yours? Hopefully tomorrow I will be knitting outside too as the rain is moving out.

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

Nice that you can knit outside in the sunshine! Love that sweet peachy color yarn, I'm sure that little sweety will love it too. And I've been a big fan of quilts for years, I love the graphic quality of this one.

WildflowerWool said...

I would LOVE to be knitting outside, under a shade tree, drinking a lemonade, listening to the birds, looking at my flower gardens....Yeah, that won't be happening for a long while, lol! They are calling for more snow...

Happy knitting on your blanket!