Sunday, August 1, 2010

Booties Galore

Finally. Someone I know is pregnant! I get to knit for an actual baby, not just for the love of tiny little things. I used Frog Tree Pima Silk for the seed stitch booties, and oh my, it is wonderful to work with. I'm not exactly sure what it is about cotton/silk blend yarn that makes me so happy ... maybe it's the softness, the way it glides smoothly over the needle, or the slight sheen. Or maybe all three.

Matching caps are in the queue.

Yesterday I went to San Francisco with my family and needed an easy knitting project for the drive there, so I started another ripple scarf using the same pattern as the Apple Tree scarf. You might remember this Fairytale yarn from when it arrived last spring. This pattern gets pretty tedious after a while, but I really like how it looks with the variegated yarn.

We are having an uncommonly cool summer (hopefully I didn't just jinx it), which might be why I am getting enthusiastic about knitting again after a short break.


Kim's Treasures said...

I love knit baby things! You have a lucky friend! That is a beautiful scarf, too!

Dogwood said...

I love those sweet little soft booties! What fun! Babies are the sweetest little bundles of joy.

Love the colorful yarn for the scarf. I know that is your favorite pattern! I love love my hand knit scarf from you. Oh, and I think Hilary was wearing one of your scarves in SF yesterday.

It has been one of the coldest summers in SF. Today in GV=nice weather. Will keep you posted for the weekend.

Hugs Cory/Dogwood

Suz said...

Oh those are the cutest!
lucky prego
I love the colored yarn so much too

Rachel said...

Love the booties, especially the yellow pair! Such beautiful yarn!

The scarf is very pretty in that variegated pattern.

Theresa said...

The booties are precious and so is the scarf! I love the colors and the pattern!

I should get away from this heat here and come to where it is cool. It has been severely hot here day after day!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Maiden Jane said...

Love them all! We have a baby to knit for, too. I'm working on a sweater - so fun! I must do some booties too.


They are darling! You are a sweet friend. Happy knitting!
deb :)

Linda said...

Those little booties are adorable and I just love the look of the ripple scarf:)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

CUTE booties! And that yarn for the scarf?? LOVE IT! I received my scarf in the mail on Saturday... I LOVE IT!! thank you Stacy! Your package went into the mail on Saturday as well. You should have it soon.

Cloudberry said...

Love the colours on your scarf! And baby stuff is always fun to knit :)

Susan Gallacher-Turner said... cute! I love those little baby booties. Your ripple scarf yarn look yummy in those beautiful colors. I San Fran...hope you had a great time.

debra said...

ha ha sweet...i love your yearn to provide...its so lovely to fulfill a desire and to know its worthwhile..i do this sometimes with my baking...i love to bake cakes and always make sure i have someone in mind to share it two of my children have left home...your little slippers are so sweet...happy day :)

Caffeine Girl said...

I love the scarf, but I know what you mean. Scarves can get tedious. I tend to knit them for a while, then put them down for a while.

Thimbleanna said...

Don't you love baby knitting? I love the pretty colors in your scarf. I wish you'd send some of your unusually cool weather here to scare off our unusually hot weather!

Lupie said...

The booties will soon be on the needles for my grandbaby.

Unknown said...

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