Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wonderful morning

I've mentioned a few times that I love the beach and often want to go on the weekends, but can't seem to get moving early enough to avoid the traffic that can back up for miles. Well, this morning I managed to get there, thanks to a certain cat named Charlie who decided I'd slept in long enough at 7:30am.

It was a cool, beautiful morning. There were lots of crashing waves, pelicans, and a few paddle boarders playing in the water. My walk took about an hour, and while I enjoyed it very much, I was a bit preoccupied with a craving for something sweet.

So, I popped in at a French bakery for coffee and a pastry. The line was out the door, but it was worth the wait because I had the BEST chocolate eclair that I have ever tasted. Oh. My. Goodness. I think I may have found my motivation for getting up early and going to the beach on the weekends.

I also tried macarons for the first time. I've wanted to taste them ever since Anna wrote about them on her blog. The chocolate one was okay, but a bit too sweet. I saved the pistachio macaron for later because let's face it, a green pastry is not terribly appetizing, but have since tasted it and found it to be YUM.

As if that weren't enough, next door to the French bakery is a yarn shop!! Within minutes of entering the place I found six skeins of yarn I wanted to buy, but somehow managed to walk out empty-handed. I have so much yarn in my stash that it just isn't okay to buy more right now. But I thought about that yarn all the way home, and if there wasn't so much traffic in the opposite direction I might have turned around, gone back there and bought it.

Back at home, I stopped by my neighborhood farmer's market for fresh fruit and veggies. The strawberries are so good this year. I'm not sure why they taste better from the farmer's market than the grocery store, but they really do.

I also treated myself to a bouquet of flowers from the farmer's market, which Charlie seems to think are for him from the way he keeps sniffing and nibbling at them. Oh well, I guess he does deserve a thank you gift for getting me up and out the door so early.

Hope you enjoy what is left of your Sunday.


Suz said...

Oh I loved your day..and those pines by the ocean..super lovely
and the eclair..yum..haven't had one of those in years
you are an inspiration to me to just get up and do it!

Rachel said...

What an absolutely lovely way to spend the day! Good boy, Charlie, for waking you in time for your adventure.

I am going on a hunt for real French macarons. I will let you know what I find ;)

Theresa said...

What a wonderful day! I love your pictures and felt as if I was along for the walk and the treat:)

Have a wonderful Sunday my dear friend! HUGS!

Christina Silverio said...

What a beautiful day! I still have to try macarons myself; everything looked delicious!

Maiden Jane said...

That's a lot of motivation! Well worth it!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- it sounds like the perfect day! I'd love to be so close to the beach and those wonderful shops. I too, find the macarons to be very sweet, so a little goes a long way. You're so funny about the yarn too -- you better get knitting so you can use a little of your stash and then you'll have to replenish it! ;-)

Linda said...

How wonderful to go to the beach, we will be going in a month's time, it is a 7 hour drive for us, can't wait to walk on the sand and watch the sunrise:)