Saturday, January 9, 2010

So far so good

Well, it's been a week and I've managed to keep my new year resolutions goals. It might be a record for me.

The stack of wash cloths is growing and I'm still enjoying knitting them.

This is the last wash cloth I completed. It's a fun pattern from the 2010 page-a-day knitting calendar my mom got me for the holidays. I made a mistake near the bottom. Can you see it? I'm kinda proud of myself for just leaving it-- it took a fair amount of restraint not to frog it.

I'm currently working on this dish cloth, also from the knitting calendar. I've never run across this pattern before and while I do like it, for some reason the cloth has a diagonal shape. It doesn't look like that in the picture, but that's okay, it'll work. Plus I love an interesting stitch in plain white yarn.

Pile of scrumptious cotton yarn waiting in the wings.

I've been getting out more, too, birdwatching and just enjoying nature. Isn't the sky a gorgeous shade of blue in this photo? Another one of my goals for the year is to learn to take better pictures, so I've been playing around with the camera settings. I'm not sure if that blue is the result of that.

I'm so in love with trees, especially the old gnarly ones.

I like the blurry reflection of the buildings on the surface of the lake. Normally I don't take pictures of buildings because ... well, ptooey. But this one turned out kind of neat.

This is my secret spot where I like to just sit. (You can't see it, but there is a wooden bench.) The stream burbles and gurgles and birds flit in the branches above. As I was sitting here last weekend I saw an odd movement in the corner of my eye that turned out to be a Downy woodpecker. It was exciting because I rarely see those.

I went birdwatching in a new place last weekend, too. There are tons of good birdwatching spots in my area that I haven't checked out because I tend to go to the same places over and over. It was a chilly, foggy day and I saw some interesting raptors and water birds.

The setting was so peaceful, but it's right next to the Model Airplane Sky Park, so the air was buzzing with tiny remote control airplanes. It didn't take long to tune them out and enjoy the scenery.

Tomorrow I am taking my first sock class! That is one of my goals this year, to learn how to knit socks. I'm a bit nervous but looking forward to it and hoping to meet some new knitty friends.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and staying warm. I'm off to run some errands and then settle in for movies and knitting.


Dogwood said...

Oh, goodie I am the first to write on this great post of yours...actually all your posts are great!

First~I love your colorful wash cloths. I have yellow cotton for you. I havn't used it in a year so it is now yours if you want it.

Second~Good for you to get out in nature and do your bird watching and sitting on the bench and enjoying the day. No pressure. No hurry.

Third~Have fun at you knit sox class. I know you will do fine!

Fourth~I too want to learn more about the different options of my camera. I love taking photos!

Fifth~I just heard ADAM LAMBERT singing on the radio..."What do you want from me." Go Adam!

We return to SF tomorrow. It has been a fabulous two weeks in the county. Now back to city life.

Hugs to my dear friend!

Theresa said...

Love the wash cloths! They are all gorgeous and the white one, has a flaw? Not in my eyes:) The nature shots are soooo pretty. The sky is so blue and I could almost hear the birds chirping! I really enjoy seeing the nature out there thru your eyes! Hugs from Georgia! Ganky


I love old gnarly trees too!!!
Good for you to keep on track with your goals.
Guess I better get going on the ATC for this month..been working on Valentine things. I guess I need to pick a theme also for Feb.
Enjoy your class.
Deb :)

Rachel said...

Wow - so far, very good. You have quite a nice stack of those dishclothes and they're all works of art! Now... onto the socks!

Your photos are so serene. How nice to be able to go out (without five hundred layers of clothing) and enjoy nature.

Suz said...

Gnarly..right on!
Oh you are getting such a good eye for compostion and for waiting for just the right light...very beautiful sky
I look forward to seeing the birds you practice on that camera..
you are a gal with doors opening all around you..aren't you?

oh nice cloths

Maureen said...

What lovely scenery!

I suspect you just might become addicted to sock knitting once you give it a try. They can be a relatively short knitting project and very satisfying

Erin Wallace said...

The wash cloths are great! I like the woven patterned one - am going to make a cowl for my husband in that pattern with a big, chunky manly yarn. Have fun learning about sock knitting. It can be addicting!

Jill said...

Lovely!! Your patterns are amazing! How cool to knit small dishcloths with these great patterns - get it into your fingers just in time to move on to another pattern. And your choice of yarns is really great as well! I hope your class for sock knitting goes well - that is actually something I have done before. And funny thing - the only knitting class I have taken (so far) has been about knitting socks - but this one was knitting 2 at a time. The thing about socks is you get one done, then you have to turn around and knit another one. Challenging for some of us - but my guess is, you'll love it!!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love your pretty wash cloths! Especially the yellow with the eyelet-type stitch. (sorry, I don't know knitting terms)

And your photos are wonderful. What pretty scenery you have around you.

Kimberly :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you're having a fun dishcloth time! I have one almost just like the one you just finished - I need to finish mine! I hope you love making socks -- we'll soon be seeing lots of socks here!

Debra said...

I too want to learn to knit socks. I bought a book 'two at a time' it re read it...thought i understood it then could not even get started so i am going to hire the assistance of a wonderful local knitter here. I did promise my grandson socks for winter...i guess if i get a move on i will just make it in your washcloths...sweet day to you :)

Woollywotnots said...

Wow, so impressive. You're very busy and your new year sounds like it has got off to a fab start and a knitting class already! I loved seeing all your amazing photos and seeing more of where you live.
I love your selection of wash cloths. The white wool and pattern looks fantastic.