Saturday, January 16, 2010

Knitty and Not-So-Knitty News

Did you know you could knit a poem? In October 2009, a giant handknit Dylan Thomas poem was unveiled in celebration of National Poetry Day Live in London. The project was coordinated by The Poetry Society and involved more than 1,000 knitters and crocheters worldwide who each knit individual letters of the words of the poem in 12-inch squares. The Poetry Society's website has a fun Knit a Poem game where you type in a poem and they "knit" it for you.

Lazy Kate Creates is having a lace knit along. This will be the first KAL (knit along) I've participated in. You have to love Kate's strict, no-nonsense rules:

1. You can use any pattern.
2. You can use any yarn you wish.
3. You must have fun.
4. Anyone can join at anytime- there are no deadlines.
5. There are no more rules.

Want to join us?

Speaking of lace, this morning I woke up super early and couldn't get back to sleep, so I trudged over to the bookcase to find a knitting book to browse. Low and behold, Lace & Eyelets jumped out at me. I forgot I had this book! I bought it a few months ago at a used bookstore and never got around to reading it. It felt like some sort of kind-hearted knitting fairy had left me a gift.

Yesterday while surfing around the Internet I learned about Knitzvah and I'm so inspired. Over the course of a year, volunteers at the Jewish Community Center in my area knit 2,000 items for distribution to children's shelters, hospitals, and refugees. It turns out there are Knitzvah groups all over the country doing this. The word "knitzvah" is a play on "mitzvah." In the Jewish tradition, a mitzvah is a commandment from God and also a general term for a kind deed.

I've enjoyed knitting for charity ever since I learned about it years ago from my friend
Dogwood and often wish I could start my own organization to help low-income mothers. One idea is to match an expecting mother with a volunteer who knits for the baby during the term of the pregnancy. I think many knitters (including myself) would like to know their knitting is going to a specific family and be able to hold that family in our thoughts while knitting for them. Another idea is to hold free classes for low-income mothers so they can learn to knit for their own babies, and offer free yarn donated by organizations and individuals. Maybe some day ...

In not-so-knitty news, I think my home is haunted. Last night when I went to sleep, everything was in order. When I woke up, a painting in the living room was mysteriously askew. Other weird things have been happening, too. A roll of toilet paper self-destructed while I was at work. Small kitchen items have been disappearing, only to reappear in the cat bed.

It couldn't be the hijinks of this guy. He's an angel.


Theresa said...

I would join that knitting thingy but they would put my picture in the post office:) Great idea about knitting for the babies. You are so sweet to be thinking of doing all that hard work for someone else. That's who you are, I know that about you!

Now as for you blaming that little kitty for doing bad things. That just isn't nice:) It must be a ghost! Have a blessed evening way out there! Hugs from me!

5orangepotatoes said...

little kitty ghost?
that cute innocent thing?

Rachel said...

Ohhhh Charlie - I think she's on to you!

Lots of great knitty news. That lace book is so pretty. I believe a fairy must have left it for you! I love your knitting charity idea. Maybe you could get something like that going in your area.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Jill said...

I enjoyed the knitty and kitty news. Great ideas to work your knitting into a charity of some sort. I do see how you'd have to give quite a bit of time over to that. Nice ideas, though.

Maiden Jane said...

Ooh, the lace book looks inspiring! I haven't figured out what I'm doing yet. Lace scares me a bit!

Dogwood said...

You sound inspired and I think all your knit for charity ideas are wonderful. Keep those precious thought and take action.

Oh that Charlie. I think he has been having fun in your absence or sleep. Cats are so funny.

Happy happy silly Sunday to you.

Erin Wallace said...

Thank you for your kind posts. I've been conflicted on posting on my spiritual side but it's comment's like yours that keep me going.

I'm going to be joining Kate's Lace KAL. I'm excited. I'm thinking of making some lacy socks. I'm Really Bad at lace, so I'm excited to try to improve my skills. Then again, a gorgeous smoke ring would be good . . . so many choices!

Kitty said...

Thanks for mentioning the KAL! I hope we get a bunch of people- it's gonna be a blast.

As for the kitty, I'm sure he's not capable of doing any wrong. Sweet little angel...

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- methinks your little angel might be a little devil when you're not looking. He sure is cute -- whichever role he's playing!

Woollywotnots said...

Hi Stacy, I knit a couple of letters for the Poetry Society. It was a fun project to be a part of and such a great idea. I loved the concept.
Your book find looks nice, it is always a treat to come across a book you've forgotten about and have a good read.
Your idea for a chartiable orgnaisation sounds fantastic. Go for it! : )

Joshy and belle said...

he he your cat looks so sweet! mine is the same, you can just see her head peeking in on my blog header photo!
thank you for your nice comments lately, everyone has been so kind and caring! fliss xx


Hi Stacy,
Your have some GREAT ideas and I think you should DO IT!!!
I'm mailing my ATC tomorrow :) It was harder than I thought it would be!
Haunted...hummm??!!! :)
Deb :)

Teresa said...

It must be a ghost! There is no way that adorable Charlie could ever do anything wrong.

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

Ok...don't believe that angelic cute look for a minute...I have one of those and I can tell you, they are little devils when no one's looking. But sweet and purry,too. So I always forgive her.

My woodwork, well, that's another story. :)

Anonymous said...

The fairies have been causing mischief and making it look like the misdeeds of poor kitty =^.^=