Friday, December 18, 2009

Mish mashy hodge podge

Yesterday I watched the last episode of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now I can have a life again. I watched the entire series from start to finish on DVD over the course of about five weeks and became addicted. I know that vampires are trendy right now, and usually I avoid trends like the plague, but I've gotten totally sucked in (pun semi-intended). Now I'm moving on to the spin-off series, Angel.

* * *

Aren't my little boys cute? Sweet? Not so much. Yesterday they got in a squabble over the heating pad. Apollo was snoozing on it, and Charlie approached him pretending to be friendly and kissy, and then started biting and bullying him until Apollo got mad and abandoned it. There was hissing and scary faces involved. Time to buy a second heating pad, I think.

* * *

Lately I've been finding new books to read by browsing the new fiction section at my local library. It's a good way to discover authors that I probably wouldn't stumble across otherwise. The last book I read, Moonlight in Odessa, is about a young woman who lives in Odessa, Ukraine. She's educated as an engineer but can only find work as a secretary, and longs to move to San Francisco. Halfway through the book she is faced with the choice of a romance with a handsome mobster or becoming a mail order bride to fulfill her dream of moving to the States. It was interesting reading a novel set in the Ukraine, a place I know little about, and the story is quirky in an appealing way. It kept me up late many nights (when I wasn't watching Buffy).

* * *

I can't believe Christmas is next week! Mostly I'm excited because I'm taking time off work between Christmas Eve and New Year's day. No big plans, but it will be nice to be home.

* * *

One of my favorite artists, DJ Pettitt, is offering a digital editing online class called Memories & Manipulations. For more information, check out the class page on her website.


Suz said...

I would love to watch the whole season....I did that with Sex and the City...which I can't believe my daughter, of all people gave to was very sexual and a bit ...well...dirty....I watch all five seasons
Your kitties are so cute....they look like my Webster and Abigail....
my other kitty (yes,I have 3) was in a very bad mood yesterday..hissing around the house at the other tow for just looking at her
A heating pad? A real heating pad? or one of the outside heating pads for ferral cats? low voltage kind?
Mine would love that
That book sounds like a hoot...I'll look it up


Wanted to wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas.
Guess you will need to get another heating pad. No fighting allowed.
Deb :)

Theresa said...

Sounds like a restful time, watching movies and reading! I really need to read more. I am so busy and love that but also know that I should take a break:) Have a blessed day and a nice shopping trip purchasing a new heating pad!

Rachel said...

Sibling rivalry? Maybe you should just take the heating pad for yourself and let them snuggle with each other to stay warm...

See - you already have some suggestions for our online book club (which is as yet, nameless)

Enjoy your time off - can I mail you some marking to do so you won't get bored? hahahaha right

Dogwood said...

I love your "mish mashy hodge podge" blog post! Lots of fun info. Funny about the fight over the heating pad! Maybe they need a lesson in sharing! He-he...very hard to teach cats anything that they do not want to do! Book looks good. Happy time off from work!

Linda said...

Your cats are adorable, we have 2 cats now and they are exactly the same, quite good friends but definately with their own agendas:) Have a lovely weekend,


woollywotnots said...

Christmas at home is the best! Hope you enjoy a lovely festive break!

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

Never watched either series, but I'll check out Angel. Have you ever watched the series, 'Medium'? My husband and I stumbled on it a few months ago and we really love it.

On kitties and heating pads...yup, time to get a second one or a flaxseed pillow you can heat in the microwave!

Merry holiday days!
Susan Gallacher-Turner