Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Knitting Projects

It seems like I did lots of knitting over the summer, but when I looked through my bag of finished projects, there wasn't all that much. (But I actually have a bag of finished projects, so that is something!)

Just today I finished knitting this jumper for my niece Lily. Like most of my projects, it looks better photographed than in real life. But it does feel good to have seen it through to the end, even if the tension is uneven and there are holes where I switched colors. The pattern is Little Girl's Jumper or Sundress. Lily will have to wait until she is one year old to wear it.

By the way, here is Lily. She is three months old now and so beautiful.

I taught myself new stitches this summer, and this one worked out well for a kitchen towel. It's a little scary, but I can't remember which stitch this is and where I got it from. Yikes.

These are cotton swatches knit in new-to-me stitches from my Vogue Stitchionary. I'll probably give them to my sister to use as baby wash cloths.

What did you make this summer?


Hilary Martin said...

Yay! I can't wait for Lily to wear her jumper!

WildflowerWool said...

I knit lots of socks!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun -- that little Lily is adorable. I saw a little smiley 5 month old tonight -- isn't it fun to have a baby around? Your little dress looks really cute!

My summer hasn't been very fruitful -- too much work!

Linda said...

It is lovely to hear from you again Stacy! Lily is gorgeous and your knitting projects are beautiful.
Take care

Rachel said...

That jumper is SO cute! I'm guessing that Miss Lily will be wearing it before you know it. "One year old" size isn't really fit for a one year old baby. Wouldn't it be cute with a long-sleeved white shirt? Make sure you take pictures!

She is adorable. You are such a proud auntie :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Stacy, it looks like you have accomplished quite a bit over the summer. The jumper for Lily is adorable. I can't believe she is already 3 months old! She looks just like a little doll. I have been working on little vests and now I would love to learn to knit lace. I just need to figure out how to flip the charts to make them left handed and I'm all set--Yikes! Enjoy your long weekend and your beautiful niece! xx

Theresa said...

Well, that little dress is precious and so is Miss Lily:) I didn't make anything so you have lots more than I do to show! Hope you are enjoying this ALMOST Fall day my friend, HUGS!

justjenn said...

I live, love, love that dress. Babies are so fun to king for. I haven't done much knitting lately and I'm dying to start a new project!

Dogwood said...

The jumper dress for Lily is so so so precious!
I love the colors.
You did a fabulous job with it.
I may want to learn how to knit that!
Have a fun weekend.
Hugs, Cory

Anonymous said...

Knitted my way through nearly 50 skeins of yarn this summer. My sis convinced me to display some of my work in the gift shop at the Senior Center and it has become very popular. All of August I was working on Christmas projects. As soon as those are finished, I have a Norwegian scarf (pattern on Ravelry) that I will knit for ME. Discovered Knitpicks circular needles and the magic loop, love, love, love. I can knit socks without using DP's. Happy Needles, ;-) Sheila Stone P.S. Check out my designs on

Maiden Jane said...

They all look gorgeous to me. And Lily is just beautiful. You must be enjoying watching her grow. I finished a pair of socks this summer - always my summer knitting. Now I should finish up my winter knits that languished....but want to knit a vest for my son and a sweater for the new baby boy across the street....

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

Great to see all the new knit projects you've been working on since July. And Lily is beautiful, I'm sure she'll love her jumper when she grows into it!

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