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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jane Austen Knits

A small list of items I love right now ...

I bought this Jane Austen 2011 Knits magazine as a holiday gift for myself and it is quite a treat. Lots of lacy patterns, short articles about knitting back in the olden days, and an exploration of what Jane might knit today. If you are a designer, you might be interested to know that Interweave, the publisher of this magazine, is having a call for entries for their Jane Austen 2012 issue. The deadline is January 31st.

These Flower and Lace Cuffs are my favorite pattern from Jane Austen 2011 Knits. Aren't those little flowers adorable? They are beads! The cuffs remind me of a faded pair of comfy thermals. I have never knit with beads, but I really want to make these.

One thing I've learned from owning a Kindle and an iPhone is that if I use those devices to read in bed at night I will be up until 3am. So I try to remember to read non-electronic books before going to sleep, and this one is my new favorite. I found it at a used bookstore and was surprised to find it contains so many ideas for cute patterns and projects.

Last but not least, I am in love with these snuggle socks from Life is Good. They are the softest socks ever. I love to put them on at night after work and pad around the house in them.

What are some of your favorite things right now?