Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Summer -- Finally!

I confess I'm relieved summer is almost over. We're in the midst of a drought here in California, but there are predictions we'll have an El Nino this winter and I can't wait for rain! I love cozy wet weather way more than dry hot days.

Lily keeping cool on a hot August day

I didn't do much knitting this summer-- just a stack of cotton wash cloths, my favorite item to knit.

This stitch is called Chinese Waves

Feather & Fan pattern, my favorite

I've been on a big YA (young adult) book kick the last few months. One of the best was Boys Don't Knit (In Public). Funny, funny, funny! It reminded me of Marion Keyes' early books. I'm excited to read the next in the series.

It was written by a man who doesn't knit!
I did lots of treasure hunting for goodies for my Etsy store, Tiny Sacred Things. One of the best finds was this pair of Lantern Moon rosewood knitting needles. So light and gorgeous and lovely to knit with. (They are still available in my store if you are interested.)
Are you glad summer is ending?


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Yes, I want cooler weather so badly,although it will
still be awhile for here. I wish I could share some
of the rain we have been having. Why is it either we
have too much or not enough? Crazy.
The book sounds hilarious and I will have to check
it out.

Theresa said...

What a little cutie! Love that feathered design:) I am looking forward to a change in the weather, a little cooler and less humid will be welcomed where I live! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anne Art said...
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Anne Art said...

Nice pattern! I agree that cozy wet weather is better than hot sun, especially when you watching the rain from a window under a warm blanket :)

harada57 said...