Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lily's lacy blanket

I recently finished knitting a feather & fan blanket for my 4-week old niece, Lily. It's funny that I avoided knitting blankets for so long because it turns out I really enjoy it. It is soothing to knit long, simple rows and I just loved seeing my sister wrap the finished blanket around Lily in preparation for a walk.

The blanket is knit with Plymouth Encore yarn, a worsted blend of acrylic and wool that you can machine wash and dry. I used about two skeins for a total of approx. 400 yards.

I have a new appreciation for hand knit blankets for another reason. My mom is in a skilled nursing facility recovering from surgery, and the first time I went to visit her she asked me if I had a knit blanket she could use while she was there. When I said I didn't, she asked my dad to bring her an old afghan knit by her mother decades ago. It was touching that she didn't want any old blanket, she wanted one knit by hand by a loved one. I think it's time to get started on a blanket for her.


Tracey said...

Stacy, Lily is just beautiful and I know ya'll are having the best time loving on her. I do hope your mom is healing and how wonderful to start a blanket just for your Mom. The blanket you made for Lily is very pretty and I love the pattern.

Theresa said...

Oh how gorgeous, the blanket AND Sweet Lily! Don't you just love kissing those sweet cheeks?

Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

justjenn said...

I also have a new appreciation for hand knit blankets. So much love and work goes into them.

I love the feather and fan pattern. So beautiful.

Suz said...

Lily is so adorable and sweet
perfect blanket for her to be wrapped
wrapped in every loving stitch
yes...get going on that other blanket
you are so loving

Kim's Treasures said...

A beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, Lily looks so sweet with her new little auntie-made blanket. I love making afghans -- just haven't really made one since I started quilting. I've been really wanting to do a big cable though....maybe... Have fun picking a pattern and choosing yarn!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a pretty blanket and equally pretty niece. Get on it and get a blanket made for your Mom. My grandmother used to crochet and I have about 10 blankets from her. We love them. Amelia has her own too. They get a lot of use.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Awww what a little doll Lily is in the pretty blanket you made!
Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Lily is so gorgeous and I love her name! Sweet and old-fashioned. The blanket is beautiful. I, too, love the feather and fan (you taught me how to do it). Hmmmm...a baby blanket in feather and who do I know who's having a baby and would need a blanket?

I hope your mom is doing better. And I agree with her - a blanket made by someone you love is much more comforting!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Your blanket is just gorgeous..and it is super special because you made it for your niece!

Jane said...

Oh the blanket and your niece are so precious! She is lovely and looks so content wrapped up in your blanket. What a touching story about your mom, too. What comfort from our handmade things. I hope you make it to the beach. We have been a couple times. It's hot here in OH and we may head there today!

Berthold Hanisch said...

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