Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fabric collage and wavy scarf

While thumbing through the book Creative Awakenings, I came across this picture of fabric bowls made by
Lesley Riley. Aren't they amazing? The book even has instructions for making them. I think they're gorgeous.

I practiced making a couple of fabric collages this weekend. This collage is adhered to one of those teeny-tiny tote bags sold at Michael's for about a dollar. I used fusible webbing to create it, and then sealed it in Modge Podge.

The tag is paper and beads strung on yarn.

The bag was tough to photograph because the Modge Podge created a shiny surface. I made another one this afternoon and coated it with gel medium instead to see if that turns out more matte. It's still drying, but I should know soon.

Here is the wavy scarf I started in my short row class at Stitches a few weeks ago. I've cleverly hidden the end so you can't see it because the wave is all funky. I messed up the pattern and didn't notice for a while. So now I'm trying to decide whether to keep going or start over. I'll probably start over.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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Anonymous said... are such the creative lady. Love, really love the decorated canvas bag. Dogwood